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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by GoodLuck, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. GoodLuck

    GoodLuck Guest

    The wife is hell bent on buying an SUV- for all the wrong reasons- like show
    off-- be fashionable- be trendy etc..Looks like i have to bite the bullet
    and get her a brand new or slightly used SUV.
    I looked into the market and every compnay has many SUVs each. I am
    confused and am afraid I will make a poor decision. Please share your
    thoughts and experiences. I would really appreciate it. For reference - I
    have a 96 Infinity G20, 94 SaabAERO, 92 OLDSMOBILE Silhouette.

    Purpose of this SUV:
    The purpose is not to perform "OFF-THE ROAD"
    The purpose is not to "TOW" boats or other massive loads.
    The purpose is simply vanity.
    We are four people in the house- Me - Wife- and four grown up children- SO a
    5 seater is plenty.
    Drivingto work - 15 miles away- on high ways mostly
    fun to drive- reliable and not too expensive to maintain-
    I don't care about gas mileage-
    I don't care about US or foreign make-

    Please reply to my email address.

    I heard that the Mercedes Benz ML series SUV is a pain to own.
    I heard that the FORD EXPLORER had several problems in the past.
    I heard the LAND ROVER is a lousy vehicle to keep and maintain.
    I heard that the Toyota line is good - reliable- but boring vehicles to
    GoodLuck, Jul 2, 2003
  2. GoodLuck

    Jason Faas Guest

    Cadillac Escalade! As far as I can tell, they blow away everything else on
    the road for ostentatious styling, vanity, size, and intimidation. Also, I
    think it fits fairly well with not caring about gas mileage. Plus, it's a

    In the timeless words of Bob Dylan "...I drove down 42nd Street, in my
    Cadillac. Good car to drive, after a war." (Talking World War III
    Blues--The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan)
    Jason Faas, Jul 2, 2003
  3. GoodLuck

    Lostin1999 Guest

    Just to correct you, for what its designed for the landrover is THE
    offroader... However for what you want you would be better off getting one
    of the Fake 'suv's' as u choose to call them, probably a 2 wheel drive
    Honda HRV (I think thats the 2 wheel drive)

    typical Jap build Quality and bullitproofness.. looks the part, but less
    bits to go wrong..


    Lostin1999, Jul 2, 2003
  4. GoodLuck

    Brian Smith Guest

    Have you considered standing up to your wife and telling her that she
    doesn't need it and she's not going to have one?
    Brian Smith, Jul 2, 2003
  5. GoodLuck

    Brian Smith Guest

    If standing up to her isn't a possibility, perhaps, you should buy her a
    Hummer. it's big, it's chrome and it will carry the six of you.
    Brian Smith, Jul 2, 2003
  6. GoodLuck

    Rob Guenther Guest

    Then two must be not living at home... I think he would know how many people
    live in his house.
    Rob Guenther, Jul 2, 2003
  7. GoodLuck

    Rob Guenther Guest

    Get a nice Volvo 960/940T/V90 wagon.... if you go used, or a V70 2.4T/T-5/R
    AWD if you want to go new

    It has SPORT - 180+ hp in case of the 960/940T 210-300hp in case of the V70

    It has UTILITY - 74 cubic feet of cargo space, or room for 5 people and
    still a lot of cargo... a bit less in the V70s I believe

    it is a VEHICLE.... well what else would it be?

    and if you wife yells and bitches and moans and screams about the sheer
    PROSPECT of owning a wagon..... tell her it is a hell of a lot more
    fashionable to be driving around in something that not everyone and the
    woman next door is driving. Not to mention Volvo wagons are far more capable
    then most SUV's... Ohhh and BTW Volvo also makes a new SUV called the XC90
    which has won a few awards, and is quite nice inside... the V70 is nicer

    Oh and don't forget VW... they have the new Touareg SUV coming soon....
    seems AWESOME... for and SUV that is.
    Rob Guenther, Jul 2, 2003
  8. GoodLuck

    GRL Guest

    Consider a Subaru WRX wagon. SUV-like, 4WD, goes like hell, high quality
    construction, and about as much fun as you can have in a car with your pants

    - GRL

    " It's good to want things. "

    - Steve Barr (philosopher, poet, humorist, graphic artist, Visual Basic
    GRL, Jul 3, 2003
  9. You can get a Bradley Fighting Vehicle for about $550K. Seats 4
    comfortably. Great safety for you and your family (at the expense of your
    fellow motorists, but if your set on an SUV, you don't give a shit about
    your fellow motorists in an accident anyway).

    Fuel mileage might be a concern, but again, if you're going to buy an
    SUV you don't give a shit about fuel economy, the environment or your fellow
    human beings. Screw 'em all and go for the SUV. Feel like Grizzly Adams
    during your commute.

    George Jetson, Jul 3, 2003
  10. GoodLuck

    Eric Dreher Guest

    One never knows what kind of remedial math someone was taught
    in today's public school system.
    Eric Dreher, Jul 3, 2003
  11. Check. She wants a raised minivan. No problem with that - the
    entire market of small ot midsize SUVs are this. Worthless off-road,
    but nice high up driving position and great in rain and snow.

    First off - check out the National Highway Safety site on crash
    tests - they recently did a batch of side-impact tests with a
    woman and child in the truck.

    Most were deathtraps, believe it or not, due to poor side impact
    protection. Read the report and buy the ones that tested highest.
    In any case - ONLY buy one with side-impact airbags. One of the worst
    in the group, the Ford Escape, went to second best with this $350 option.
    Almost surely dead to a few days recovering. Most of the ones they
    tested WITH this option will be fine other than the ones that intruded
    too much into the compartment.

    51% of accidents are from side impacts. Most of the drivers
    of SUVs (total amount of time driving per day) were women -
    significantly higher than men. With SUVs approaching nearly
    50% of vehicles on the road in some cities, it's long overdue
    to test like this. The tests were done at typical city speeds
    as well - a mere 30mph. Considering that most drivers who are
    involved in crashes are speeding or go faster than the standard
    35mph posted speed on most main roads, even with braking to try to
    stop before they hit, 30mph is a very realistic impact speed.

    The NHSTA doesn't do this test, which is unfortunate. Guess
    what the manufacturers use for their crash data? Yep - the
    NHSTA one.
    Truly enlightening reading.

    Oh - it's tons worse for cars struck by a SUV. Take a look
    at that heap of a Geo that was hit by a pickup truck on
    that page. Ow.

    Note on the crash pictures pages that the older Detroit
    steel(tm) seemed to fare better than most smaller cars.
    The ratings. Ow.

    Larger SUVs are to be tested in a few months. As evidenced by the
    above tests, size will likely make little difference for many of
    the SUVs. Some, but not a lot.

    Also, the rear seat on most 3rd-row SUVs is well within the rear
    crumple zone, so short of a Expedition or Yukon, you're looking at
    3 in the second row and the 3rd row removed.
    Joseph Oberlander, Jul 3, 2003
  12. WARNING: Massively Crossposted. Mind your manners, folks... ;-)

    I'd suggest a Toyota 4-Runner myself (or the Lexus version if you
    want leather and power everything). You can get them 4-cylinder or
    V-6, 2WD or 4WD to meet your needs - but think about the resale value
    of whatever vehicle you get. Toyota's are about at the top of the
    heap in retaining their value over time, and the V-6 4WD version will
    retain more resale value than the 4-Cyl. 2WD if you sell or trade it
    in 3 to 5 years.

    But if money is not a big concern and the Hummer starts looking good
    to her, get the original Hummer H1 that is based on the bulletproof
    military design and parts - the independent suspension with geared
    hubs and inboard brakes giving tremendous ground clearance, central
    tire inflation system (the ultimate in run-flat tires) and everything
    else built ultra strong. They are NOT cheap, but they can take
    everything you can dish out (up to and including small arms fire) and
    say "That's all you got?"

    From what I can see, the Hummer H2 (or as I call it, the "Humette")
    is just a gussied-up Chevy pickup that is built to carry the Hummer
    name and cachet but with a cheaper stamped sheet-metal body and lots
    of chrome - and get the sales to soccer moms and wannabee's, but to a
    much lower price point than the H1. And when Detroit deliberately
    builds vehicles to be inexpensive, I see many reliability problems

    (Work truck. Been there, done that, paid the repair bills...)

    --<< Bruce >>--
    Bruce L. Bergman, POB 394, Woodland Hills CA 91365, USA
    Electrician, Westend Electric (#726700) Agoura, CA

    WARNING: UCE Spam E-mail is not welcome here. I report violators.
    SpamBlock In Use - Remove the "Python" with a "net" to E-Mail.
    Bruce L. Bergman, Jul 3, 2003
  13. GoodLuck

    C.R. Krieger Guest

    I'm guessing he hasn't met his own, either. No married man in his
    right mind would choose to argue with a woman who wants him to go out
    and *buy another vehicle*! The last time my wife did that, she ended
    up in a Jaguar X-Type in spite of her attempts at 'buyer's remorse'.
    Now I can't get her *out* of it!

    Of course, it *could* be satire ...
    C.R. Krieger, Jul 3, 2003
  14. GoodLuck

    C.R. Krieger Guest

    Would *you* like to be the *sixth* adult to try to climb into a WRX?
    Or maybe you and your family wear red fright wigs, big floppy shoes,
    and rubber ball noses all the time ...
    C.R. Krieger, Jul 3, 2003
  15. GoodLuck

    C.R. Krieger Guest

    You might check into the Chrysler Pacifica. Huge hulking wagon-SUV
    thang that comes in AWD or FWD (if you don't really need the AWD).
    About the only one outside a minivan that seats six (in 3 pairs of
    buckets). Proven drivetrain in a new trendy body. Kind of a PT
    Cruiser for grownups.

    Then, across the same showroom floor, there's the standard of the
    field: Jeep Grand Cherokee. Not many people know you can get a *RWD*
    GC! The Laredo and Limited are both 4WD/AWD, but the base GC is
    *not*. It's the ultimate poseur machine to convince the neighbors
    that she might actually run the Rubicon Trail someday. Get one of
    those "It's a JEEP thing ... you wouldn't understand." stickers for
    her windshield and she's all ready to take on Eddie Blodgett ("He's a
    software engineer." - from those hilarious Toyota SUV ads) Saturday
    mornings down at the home improvement store!

    If you get *any* kind of snow where you live, forget trying to find
    the RWD (they're rare anywhere in the northern half of the US) because
    it's too squirrely on slick surfaces. The same goes for the Laredo in
    2WD (Don't ask me how I know.)- but pull that console lever and it's
    hard to beat.
    Only in the wallet.
    The EXPLODER? Nah!
    Probably a great vehicle to keep - lousy to maintain.
    Yeah; but almost anything in this field is. As a 'sports sedan'
    driver (and a BMW and Audi club driving instructor and autocrosser), I
    find the Jeep's OK. Nothing to write home about, but nothing really
    objectionable either. It gets *very good* reviews from those who have
    compared it to more SUVs (I haven't.).
    C.R. Krieger, Jul 3, 2003
  16. GoodLuck

    Brian Guest

    You'll note this message was crossposted and the author also asked for
    replies by email. So I doubt he's reading the responses here. Might as well
    cut down on the typing now.
    Brian, Jul 3, 2003
  17. Many SUVs are hazards on the road, including for the driver. Especially for
    a driver who is inexperienced with such a vehicle. Look into the safety

    SUVs are great for the car makers. They are modified trucks, and in the
    U.S. they don't have to meet the safety and mileage standards that cars
    must. The profit per unit sold is much higher for SUVs than for other
    passenger vehicles.

    Consider a station wagon instead.
    Marvin Margoshes, Jul 3, 2003
  18. I don't think they are unrealistic, though, as it represents a
    teenager or "soccer mom" and a moderate crash of only 30mph,
    slower than the NHSTA tests(35mph). I'd rate impact force to
    be roughly the same(smaller occupants vs slower speed), but
    that the higher height impact zone of the SUV(mind you - versus
    another SUV - don't even think about what a SUV vs a car would do)
    puts the SUV on an even-footing.

    ie: what happens if the exact same SUV rams into you? They do
    this for cars, btw - same height and weight for the NHSTA tests,
    but fail to match it up for the SUVs.
    They state that 51% of all accidents involved some sort of side
    impact(though usually not at a 90 degree angle). With SUVs soon
    to represent a majority of the vehicles on the road in the U.S.,
    they had better start testing and designing as if these were going
    to hit you.

    Note how the Subaru Forester did the best of the small SUVs.
    It is also a reliable and inexpensive model as well.
    Joseph Oberlander, Jul 3, 2003
  19. If she wants a wagon, there's only three that are really 6-people
    capable, but they both are available only used.

    - Buick Roadmaster - huge, big, overbuilt. GM's attempt to make
    a big Volvo-esque indestructable beast. They were making no
    profit on them(sold for $24K, cost $22K to make, then had rebates
    on top of that to move them off the lots) and selling very few(SUVs
    were taking over right about then), so they dropped it after a few years.
    Caprice Classic wagon is simmilar, so no seperate nomination.

    - Volvo 960. The last of the big, boxy Volvos. Very safe and
    overbuilt. 1996/1997 models preferred.

    - Mercedes E-class wagon. The previous body style was far more
    reliable and better built.(1996? was the last year, IIRC)
    Big, solid, and safe. Looks nice, too.
    Joseph Oberlander, Jul 3, 2003
  20. GoodLuck

    JohnDoe Guest

    nonsense, a bad driver is a bad driver regardless of his vehicle
    JohnDoe, Jul 3, 2003
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