Why I bought 2007 Civic LX, don't read if you don't like a long post

Discussion in 'Civic' started by Rowdy Yates, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Rowdy Yates

    Rowdy Yates Guest

    I am picking up this car tomorrow. Here is just my opinion on the car buying
    experience so that others can learn or laugh or ignore or comment.

    Friday I go to local Honda dealer to start the process. I was going to buy a
    Civic, at least that was my intention. All based on other owners
    experiences. My other choice was Corolla. These guys are across the street
    from each other.

    Walk in with GF, no one runs up to us, there were quite a few people in the
    place, understandable. I go and look at Civic on floor, doors locked, I
    reach in to unlock and alarm goes off! Doh!! So after a couple of seconds a
    salesman runs over and tries to silence it, except, he doesn't know how(bad
    Honda, make sure these guys at least know the fundamentals). So after he
    reaches in and plays with the locks to no use, he grabs the keys and puts it
    in the door and locks and unlocks to no avail, I am ready to start screaming
    with laughter, so I told him to "PRESS" the red panic button, he did, it
    stopped. So after that, I opened all doors and hatches on car and was
    satisfied with the way they all closed, everything seemed tight and aligned
    on the car. Well I have been in the showroom 15 minutes, no one came up to
    us. So I am thinking, hmmmm, maybe I should have dressed like I have
    money...So we looked at all of the showroom models, we were there for 1/2 an
    hour at least, and no one tried to sell us anything. So I was getting antsy,
    told GF very loudly, lets go across street and look at Toyota. I felt like
    Ralph Kramden, (it looks like rain Alice), and as we got to the door, I
    again said louder, I wonder what they have to offer at Toyota dealer. As I
    put my hand on the door, salesman came up and asked if I was interested in
    anything. Finally! So as it was getting close to kids coming home from
    school, I was now cut short for time. Knowing that I have great FICO score
    and a good interest rate at local CU, I knew I could make a deal on the
    spot. I also know that gas prices went up like 50 cents plus this week, so
    Honda was getting alot of traffic, means less leverage for consumers, I
    wasn't really ready to dick around, I NEEDED to buy a car with great gas
    mileage and had a high resale value. SO I was ready to pay sticker if I
    needed to. I pretty much said as much, I don't have time, show me what you
    have on the lot, 5 civic sedans, and one was being bought as we were looking
    at them. We went back inside, I just said straight up, I am short on time
    give me a price, he did, a fair price in my mind, 1000 less then sticker. I
    asked how long they would honor price and he said 2 days. So knowing that, I
    told him I would be back Saturday to take test drive. My intention was to of
    course go to Toyota and try and play for better deal. So Saturday morn, I
    pull into Toyota with my rusty 78 C10 truck. In front are 2 sales people,
    and sure enough, one peels away and homes in on me like an F18 Hornet. So
    as I am closing door, he does introduction, and of course I tell the guy I
    heard today was Toyota giving 5000 dollar trade in on anything. He reponds
    that if that is what it takes to get deal done, they would do it. So I am
    looking at Corollas, take one for a ride. What a disappointment, it was
    noisy, engine seemed to run erratically, I was not impressed. It was the LE
    version. So we go to his desk, I tell him, straight out, I am going across
    street to test drive Honda before making up mind. Well this is a problem, he
    asks, what do I want. I point to the S on the floor, give me that one and
    match the quote I got from Honda on LX. Of course, he counters that I need
    to compare it with the EX, and I say whatever, show me the money. He asks
    what I want to put down, I say 1000, he asks about financing, I already was
    preapproved for a 5.45 rate for 60 mos and told him such. He of course, had
    to go see manager, because he was going to make sure I bought Toyota. He
    comes back with standard monthly payment stuff, price too high, and tried to
    use my downpayment as a way to show lower bottom line price. Of course, I
    tell him that I won't make a deal until I test drive the Civic. So he goes
    back to manager and they do the usual dog and pony show(BTW, theyhave an
    open cube concept so that you are treated to hearing manager and salesperson
    arguing over price, I was thinking deal or no deal and Howie and banker,
    pretty much could intimidate consumer) so I called GF at work and started to
    loudly say that it was a nice car so they could hear me. There was no way I
    was going to make a deal until I drove the Civic. I know the Toyota is
    pretty reliable, I owned a 78 for 6 years and it was a great car. So when
    sales came back with offer, 1000 less then before, I was still going to pay
    1650 more then Civic, sure it had sport package and sunroof, but that is of
    no interest to me. Plus they still factored in my down payment so that it
    looked like I was getting great deal. I asked the salesguy where the car was
    manufactured and he said in Fremont Canada,(Toyota, make sure that the sales
    folks know where their product comes from), and I pointed out that Fremont
    CA was California and that I wasn't going to string him out, I was not
    making decision until I made test drive with Civic. So he kind of seen that
    I was pretty much a stubborn ass, got the manager and went through intros.
    Of course it turned into make us an offer to keep from going back to Honda,
    and I just said, I will be back to work a deal if I felt the Corolla was
    better deal. They of course said that the Civic EX was the car I should use
    for comparison. So I go across street, look for the guy that I had seen on
    Friday and told him I was ready for test drive. I also asked if they sold
    the car I looked at the day before and it was gone. I asked if deal was same
    from day before and he said yes, I said lets go, I need to drive one. We go
    to lot and of the 5 that were out there the day before, 2 were left. Hmmmm,
    these things seem to fly out the door. So we went to run a Burgundy looking
    one around, sales manager said that there was a blue one that came in Friday
    afternoon that still needed to be prepped, which was fine by me, I didn't
    really want the red car. So we took red car for a ride. Let me tell you, it
    was a totally different sound and feel driving the Honda. After about a
    whole 2 minutes, I asked salesman if price applied to the blue car and he
    said yes. I told him that when we got back, just get out the paperwork, I
    was sold. Period. I am sure the Toyota is a good car, but the Civic seemed
    to be built much better. Sales guy of course tried to sell me the surface
    protection packages, and I declined. We had a brief discussion about
    financing, they would try and match CU APR, they were a little higher, and
    of course I had to meet his boss, who tried to sell me extended warranty, no
    dice. But they all seemed to understand that I would not go for the extras,
    so they didn't try and browbeat me to death on them. Which is good for me.
    Will I be happy with the Civic? I hope so, I have enjoyed owning a 2000
    Subaru Outback since it was new, has 137K on it now, has had almost no
    problems, I didn't get the extended warranty with it either. All in all, I
    enjoyed my Honda experience, although I was a little put off at first.
    Hopefully I will get many miles of carefree motoring, if I don't, I will
    post another long post.... Other car owners, don't hate me, just expressing
    my humble story.
    Rowdy Yates, Apr 8, 2007
  2. Rowdy Yates

    Art Guest

    You made the right decision with the Honda. Toyota quality is not what it
    used to be. Honda's today ride and hold up the way Toyotas used to in my
    opinion. I owned 3 Toyota's in the 80's that were great. My 2001 Avalon
    was crap. My current 2 Hondas are solid vehicles although the 2005 Accord
    Hybrid is a bit prehistoric feature wise compared to my 2006 Odyssey.
    Art, Apr 8, 2007
  3. Rowdy Yates

    jrk Guest


    Regarding your first visit to the Honda dealer... Why didn't you seek out a
    salesperson yourself instead of playing around waiting for someone to come
    up to you? If it was busy, maybe thats what other potential customers were

    Personally, I would love to go to a car dealer and not be approached ever. I
    just want them available for me to approach when I'm ready.
    jrk, Apr 9, 2007
  4. Rowdy Yates

    Larry Guest

    I am in agreement you made the right choice in vehicles. You spent way too
    long negotiating the deal though.....and you used the dealer commissioned
    salesman, who has to make his $300+ commission. Working with the fleet
    manager, who is on a salary, is always trhe best source. I have always paid
    at or below invoice for my Hondas, with nothing but a phone call to the
    fleet sales guy after I decided on what exactly I wanted. Like, what was
    previously said, I relish the opportunity to browse around without a
    salesperson on my back and in my ear. If I need a test drive, then I go
    make the approach and usually they just make a copy of my license and allow
    me a test drive without anyone accompanying me. Many happy miles!
    Larry, Apr 9, 2007
  5. Rowdy Yates

    Linuxiac Guest

    just expressing
    Wow, thanks for a very good story!

    We bought a used Certified 2003 Honda CR-V for $1,000 less than 8 close
    mates had ran at dealer auctions the days before our visit to that car
    dealer, (I have been a used car dealer, and also have friends in the
    business, who can get me vehicles, and the print-outs of the many
    auction sales here, in Central Florida).

    Ours had lower miles and was still a great deal after delivery!

    We noticed some Anti-freeze on the driveway over night, and they fixed
    that immediately!

    We got new tires and battery, too.

    14 months and 18,000 miles later, we are still thrilled with this Honda.

    Last week Honda replaced the entire Air Conditioning system, and
    provided us a rental car overnight. We didn't expect that kind of
    wonderful effort, and $1,982.50 in repairs and the rental car, paid in
    full by Honda Motors. They said we have helped their sales with four
    friends/relatives buying new and used Hondas, (over the past 14 months,
    (all of whom are really happy with the cars and the service!).

    I have owned several Toyotas, a fleet of American cars from 1948 to 1995
    models, many British and German built vehicles, and 18 motorcycles, BSA,
    Triumph, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. Nancy has owned VW's and
    3 prior Hondas, plus cars from a 1953 Studebaker, to 1990 Fords and Dodges.

    Both of us have never, ever, been treated so well by any dealer, or had
    as good experiences as we have had with Courtesy Honda of Sanford, and
    the American Honda Motors Company.
    Linuxiac, Apr 11, 2007
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