Which Accord Should I buy? 2004 Coupe 4 cylinder vs Coupe 6 cylinder

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Scott, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Scott

    Scott Guest

    Hey you all,

    I have narrowed my search for cars down to a 2004 Accord Coupe. I am
    torn between the two engines. Any suggestions or recommendations?

    $28000 EXL with Navi v6
    $26000 EXL with Navi 4 cylinder

    What will have less repairs? Which will last longer? What will have
    higher re-sale value? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

    I will use the car as my everyday car, but want to have something
    that's fun but economical. I don't want to waste the environment with
    gas fumes either.

    What do you all think? Thanks.
    Scott, Nov 25, 2003
  2. Scott

    Ryno23 Guest

    If you are over 50 or used to be a woman, buy the 4 cyl. If you are
    under 50 and had balls since the day you were born, get the V6.

    Repairs and longevity are comparable. Resale will obviously be higher
    for the V6, but will probably not be $2000 higher a few years hence.
    You won't reclaim the entire difference when the car is sold. However,
    the price you put on the added enjoyment from the V6 is a personal
    decision. Fuel mileage is not much lower for the V6 either. The V6
    also looks a little nicer with the dual exhaust and different wheels.
    Traction control may also be an issue depending on where you live. The
    4 cyl. doesn't come with it.
    Ryno23, Nov 25, 2003
  3. Scott

    Jim Guest

    I say it's a tough choice. I wanted the V-6 in our 03 because it had side
    curtain airbags (The 4 Cyl EX does in 04 I hear). The Wall Street Journal
    says the V-6 accord has the highest resale in it's class. BUT..... Edmunds
    and other sites say the 4 handles better - less weight in the front etc. So
    it's a personal choice I guess but you won't go wrong with either. We ended
    up w/ the EX 4 leather and I never owned a 4 before but this has more power
    because of the VTEC (?) engine then our V-6 Chevy ever had. It spins the
    tires and has great get up and go on on-ramps, intersections etc.
    Jim, Nov 25, 2003
  4. "Jim" wrote
    Side curtain airbags are available as an option in the 4 cyl EX, but my
    dealer has yet to see one come through with them. I've got them
    investigating now. :)
    Howard Lester, Nov 25, 2003
  5. Scott

    TL Guest

    Well, I have a 4 cyl 03 EX-L, and I find it fun to drive with lots of
    pep. Frankly at 160 HP, it is as much as a V6 was a couple of years
    ago. I'm not into drag racing, so I can't comment on that. But I am
    interested in being able to quickly pass a car when I'm on a two lane
    road. In a 500 mile trip last summer, I had lots of occasions to do
    this, and it was every bit as quick to get from say 40 or 50 up to 80
    as my V6 Passat. That's plenty of power for me.

    Mileage on the highway is better on the 4 of course, but my guess is
    that the bigger difference is around town where the V6 isn't going to
    do much for you anyway.

    Just my 2 cents. Good luck.
    TL, Nov 25, 2003
  6. Scott

    twaugh5 Guest

    Best value for your dollar is the LX V6. The manual V6 coupe is also
    impressive. The I4 5 speed would be more fun to drive, though. I dearly
    love my Prelude -- what Honda does best in a performance 4 cylinder. Why
    Navi? Do you get lost a lot?
    twaugh5, Nov 26, 2003
  7. Scott

    lcopps Guest

    I just bought a 4 door 4Cyl 5M EXL with Navi and it screams. Gets good
    milage, lots of fun to drive, and handles better being less front heavy
    than the V6. The dealer guys took it out to get a tank of gas said it
    seemed every bit as fast as a V6. I assume they drive V6 Automatics.
    Best yet the CarsDirect.com price is $23,935. Cars such as this are in
    short supply, but CarsDirect should be able to find one for you.

    By the way, all 2004 EX leather trim Accords have side curtin airbags.
    lcopps, Nov 26, 2003
  8. Sorry, I don't think so.

    I drove both the 4-cyl and the V6 Accord Coupes about a month ago (coming
    from an '01 Camry LE V6). The 4-cylinder felt like a dog. The V6 was
    downright fast, and didn't have a rough idle like the 4-cyl. I would
    recommend the V6 for any application. The fuel savings are negligible.
    Chris Aseltine, Nov 26, 2003
  9. Scott

    harrison Guest

    Did you drive the manual 4 or the automatic? The manual is much quicker
    than the automatic. Then again the manual V8 is probably even quicker. I
    find that the manual 4 has good balance, better than the V6, making it more
    fun to drive in the twisties with sufficient power to break any speed
    limits, even up steep grades. My acid test was I84 coming out of Port
    Jervis, NY. Cruise control held my set speed with no sag at all either
    direction. Set speed was above 65, not going to say by how much.


    (Remove WOW from email address to reply)
    harrison, Nov 26, 2003
  10. Scott

    Skipnkuf Guest

    agree, I had a 4-cyl LX accord sedan as a loner car while my v6 ex
    accord sedan was getting the options installed, tint, wing, fog
    lights, etc.... and the 4-cyl just reminded me why I bought the v6,
    smoother, quiter, much faster, but most of all no high reving RPMs
    while I'm trying to pass traffic on the highway, i push the gas and it
    goes, it doesn't have to downshift 2 gears to do it. I let me GF
    borrow my car while her 4cyl accord was in the shop and she told me
    her next car will be a V6 model

    buy the v6 you wont regret it!
    Skipnkuf, Nov 26, 2003
  11. Scott

    mj Guest

    Of course, the new 4 has about 20 more hp than just a few years ago.
    Could be a big difference.
    mj, Nov 26, 2003
  12. Scott

    DrPimpDaddi Guest

    Of course, the new 4 has about 20 more hp than just a few years ago.
    '98-'02 had 150hp (135hp in DX).

    I do not killfile nor use do-not-call lists.
    DrPimpDaddi, Nov 26, 2003
  13. I'm guessing you meant "manual V6", in which case, yes, it's undoubtedly
    quicker, especially with a 6-speed and more ratios with which to match that
    power to the wheels.

    Anyway, yes, I drove the automatic. But Skipnkuf put it quite nicely when
    he said that the biggest advantage of the V6 is the lack of needing insane
    RPMs just to develop some decent power. I rarely redline my car (what's the
    point?), but I drive in the 3000-4000rpm range pretty frequently. The 4-cyl
    did not impress here.
    Chris Aseltine, Nov 27, 2003
  14. Scott

    John Horner Guest

    It all depends :). Do you do much fully loaded high speed highway driving
    through the Rocky Mountains (I70 through Colorado and Utah .....) ? If so,
    the extra power might be useful for passing performance.

    In typical local driving the 4 has plenty of power. The V-6 gives a little
    bit of extra reserve.

    This is what test drives are for. Try 'em both out!

    Also, for a real kick, try an Acura TSX and see what that 4 cylinder motor
    can do when Honda wants it to!

    John Horner, Nov 30, 2003
  15. Scott

    mrdancer Guest

    I have the '02 Accord LX 150hp 4-cylinder w/ 5-spd. It's pretty gutless
    compared to my previous vehicles, but it gets me around.

    You can really tell the drop in power when you turn the A/C on. Also, when
    I visited my sister in Colorado Springs, the car felt like the A/C was on
    (power-wise), even though it was off (loss of power due to altitude).
    However, I'm not sure how this compares to the V6.

    That being said, I really appreciate the MPG of the four. My last trip
    across the plains netted me close to 40mpg average driving at 70-75mph w/ a
    loaded vehicle. I get about 28mpg around town.

    Yeah, the car is slow and gutless below 5000rpm, but since 95% of the cars
    out there are blocking my way, I don't really have a need for anything
    faster, except for fun, and I've a SV650S for that. ;-)
    mrdancer, Nov 30, 2003
  16. Scott

    Bebop Guest

    Tell them to do a factory order for you. It takes 8-9 weeks

    I factory ordered a civic, my dealer just emailed me the build date last
    Bebop, Dec 1, 2003
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