Water flooding in Spare Tire compartment?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Sparpa, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. Sparpa

    Sparpa Guest

    I have a Civic HB 98
    I just noticed some water flooding in where the spare tire is located. I
    apprently had water sitting there for months without me noticing it. I
    now have blasted rust damage, and the "fly bolt" that holds the spare
    wheel down to the metal panel has completely rusted and will have to be
    replaced along with the bolt holder.
    I also know somebody else with a Honda Civic HB 97 with the exact same
    problem with water coming in...
    I think water comes in from the gas gasket underneath the left wheel
    well. I think when I wash the car, or when I drive over a puddle water
    find its way in through the wheel well lining and over into the interior
    of the car....

    Have other Civic HB owners experienced this porblem? Is this a defect?
    or just a worn out component, which allows the water to seep in?

    What do you guys think?...

    Thanks, Sparpa
    Sparpa, Oct 30, 2005
  2. Sparpa

    duckbill Guest

    No, you are not alone with this problem. After the water leaks in , it
    goes to the trunk's lowest spot which is usually the spare tire well.
    Sometimes, the leak fills the bottom of the rear quarter pannels. In
    older cars, I suspect one in three have this problem. Pulling the spare
    is the only sure way to check for this problem. Left unchecked, your spare
    tire well will rust out. Sometimes the water is several inches deep and
    other times it's just a little water. Some people pull out a small rubber
    plug in the wheel well, while others drill a small (1/4 inch) hole until
    they get the leak repaired. Finding the leak is sometime very difficult.
    Many times, the leak is coming from the tail light area. There are gaskets
    that dry out or become deformed. Be very careful when tightening those
    plastic tail lights. They break very, very, easily. Good luck.
    duckbill, Oct 30, 2005
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