**UPDATE to 08 Accord needing new brakes at 27K Miles

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Dale Toms, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Dale Toms

    Dale Toms Guest

    Thanks to everyone who responded - it is very interesting to hear about the
    brake issues this accord seems to have............

    I went back to the dealer with brake pads in hand, found my sales person and
    requested to see the service manager with him in tow.

    I showed the service manager the brake pads (the front pads looked brand new
    and the inside rear pads were worn totally out) - I explained to him that
    the dealership called me and told me the pads needed replacing and the
    rotors needed turning. Clearly to me this wasn't the case and they had
    charged me a whopping $467.00 for the repair. I explained my beef wasn't so
    much with the price, but I was told the front needed replacing and the fact
    that after only 27K miles the rear needed replacing.

    Just so happened, the district service manager was in town.............data
    point to remember in just a minute. The service tech was called into the
    office and he explained that it was a nominal fee to replace the pads once
    the wheel was torn down to a point that the rotors could be removed and
    turned - a point I half agreed with. The technician explains Honda has known
    about the problem for several years on the rear disk pads and how they wear
    out very quickly, they used to cover them under warranty, but Honda stopped
    the practice as everyone had the problem.

    I explained that in normal circumstances, the front pads wore before the
    rear pads and they agreed.......I again, reached for the pads and showed
    them how the rear pads (only the inside pads) were worn out, while the outer
    pads and both of the front pads looked OK..............I stated it looked
    like an issue with the brake design or the pads weren't floating properly,
    either case, it should be a warranty issue.

    The district service manager came in about that time and was told of the
    situation, he immediately blamed it on the way I drive and as he wasn't in
    the car, he couldn't vouch for the type of braking I was doing........after
    showing him the pads and explaining how they were positioned on the car - he
    and the service manager agree to warrant the brake job.

    Obviously, I was pleased and feel much better, but am still concerned about
    whether or not I have an issue with the brakes ................. guess I
    will find out in another 27K miles!

    Again, thought you all would appreciate the saga..............and how happy
    it all turned out (maybe).!

    Hope all is well........

    He then starts to explain that he isn't sure of my type of driving, but it
    looked like the brakes were used quite heavily.....at which I explained most
    of them were interstate miles to which he explained " that was the problem,
    my high rate of speed and as I came off the interstate ramps, I was
    Dale Toms, Nov 13, 2008
  2. Dale Toms

    Elle Guest

    Two cents on the situation:

    Given that the front pads and front rotors work were
    flat-out thievery that cost you money, time, and
    frustration, refunding you the entire amount could be said
    to be justified.

    Without the thievery, I think what would have been fair is
    a refund of the dollar amount for the labor/parts on the
    front work. The rears lasting "only" 27k miles is not so

    In the future, buy pads online from an OEM parts dealer like
    BKhondaparts.com. Have the new pads ready when you next take
    the car to any import shop for brake work.
    Elle, Nov 13, 2008
  3. Dale Toms

    tww1491 Guest

    I have an 06 Accord coupe I4 and am still on the original brakes at 43k
    miles. I suppose the design change for the 08 and the increased weight
    could make a difference. But, our 03 Pilot just had the brakes redone at 75k
    miles for the first time . The rotors did not need to be turned at all
    and the cost was a little less than $300 for all 4 wheels at our local Honda
    dealer. My 01 Prelude still had good brakes when I traded it at 68k miles.
    Perhaps the 08 is an anomaly .
    tww1491, Nov 14, 2008
  4. Dale Toms

    johngdole Guest

    Uneven wear would lead you to think the caliper pins, which are easy
    to fix - properly clean and lube them.

    But given the common nature of this problem I wonder if the parking-
    brake-in-calipers were the source of the problem. Maybe Honda needs a
    different manufacturer for the rear calipers?

    If the brakes were used heavily, then why don't the fronts wear out
    sooner? Sounds like the district manager was feeding you crap still.
    johngdole, Nov 15, 2008
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