Transaxle Noises

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Chopface, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Chopface

    Chopface Guest


    I hear an odd noise sometimes as I release the clutch and engage 1st
    gear on my '91 Civic Si on what I believe to be dry pavement. The
    quality of my clutch release seems to be closer to 'correct', as opposed
    to either too fast or too slow when it happens, but thats a rough
    observation. I guess it sounds similair to the noise my car makes
    sometimes when my my tires spin on snow and ice. It is a sort of 'whirr'
    sound, maybe comparable to the noise that my car would make in reverse.
    It is brief when I hear it; definitely less than a second, and I don't
    think I've heard it in the summertime (Wisconsin, USA). Is this anything
    to worry about? It doesn't happen everytime I drive, or only when its
    extremely cold. The car has ~140k miles on what I assume is the original

    Chopface, Mar 3, 2005
  2. Chopface

    Chopface Guest

    Mista Bone,

    I just thought of a condition that may have to be present when I hear
    the noise. I think I hear it when my steering is at an extreme, like
    when I'm sitting in a median and then pulling out, or starting off from
    a stop sign onto a wide avenue.

    Its a mechanical sounding noise. Maybe I can try to record it sometime.
    I got a '91 DX Civic for few years ago for free when it had 180k. A
    bearing in the tranny was bad. I forget which bearing does what, but I
    was told it was not the throwout. The tranny made a loud noise the whole
    time I had the car whenever the clutch was NOT engaged, even just
    sitting in neutral. I was able to take it to over 200k before the clutch
    got really bad. The noise in my car now is somewhat similair, but much

    The car was getting really rusty and had not been maintained the best
    during it's life, so it wasn't really worth it to fix it. The engine
    still seemed solid, and didn't eat that much oil. I also knew less about
    car mechanics then.

    I've never done a clutch job, and may consider one this summer. I've got
    the Helm manual, but will probably start looking for good internet pages
    too. Is there anything in the RAMH FAQ that Tegger maintains?

    I think I'd be comfortable getting to the tranny and dropping it if
    necessary. I don't know if it would be smart do do the actual clutch
    work myself. I know a really good Toyota mechanic who could maybe come
    help me out just for that portion of the job. I'd like to be comfortable
    taking the car on longer (>500 mile) trips. I might try to go road
    tripping and camping out west this summer and I think I'd need to drive
    my car. I trust the engine a lot, but I wouldn't mind doing the clutch.

    Chopface, Mar 3, 2005
  3. Chopface

    Mista Bone Guest

    Give me more info on the noise. I'm known worldwide as "D" tranny guru,
    88-00 SOHC Civic D series motor/trannys.

    First quick guess is the ISB (input shaft bearing) wore out. About $35 in
    parts, I charge $50 to do the work, IF you remove the tranny, and WIS is not
    Mista Bone, Mar 4, 2005
  4. Chopface

    speedy Guest

    My experience with funky noises and the clutch were the damping springs
    came loose and were banging on the flywheel bolts. The clutch finally
    started slipping and was replaced.

    speedy, Mar 4, 2005
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