suggestion to improve driver seat lumbar support 2001 crv

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by pheonix1t, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. pheonix1t

    pheonix1t Guest

    I started driving a 2001 crv (i'm 6 feet tall) and I've noticed the
    seat is not the greatest.
    Little to no lumbar support (anything over 20 minutes driving gets on
    your nerves).

    I also have a bmw 525i and those seats are amazing! Excellent support
    all around.

    I'm thinking of either getting a lumbar pillow or getting better seats
    in the honda. But what seats can I change these with? I've heard the
    honda minivans have really good front seats, can these fit in the crv?

    Or what about after-market seats? Recaro is expensive but I may find
    a good used set.

    Basically, I need to improve the front seats (especially driver)


    pheonix1t, Mar 11, 2007
  2. pheonix1t

    motsco_ Guest


    Sign in and SEARCH at

    Many have altered the foam by removing some. Some at
    may have done it to their CR-V's as well. Start by searching the

    The 2001 seat has poor lumbar support and it doesn't tilt as far forward
    as I'd like. I use a pillow as an arch support presently. I wish I could
    go 3 or 4 degrees more upright too. Same on '00 and '97 :-(

    motsco_, Mar 11, 2007
  3. Try a local auto upholstery shop. They may be able to add some padding
    to your seat to make it fit you better. My wife had that done to her
    Acura Legend and it helped.
    Mike Iglesias, Mar 12, 2007
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