Strategits for selling my Honda 2002 V6

Discussion in 'Honda Parts For Sale / Trade' started by 7%palmtree, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. 7%palmtree

    7%palmtree Guest

    Due to my relocation overseas required by my company, I have to
    sell my dearly loved Honda 2002 V6 22,000 miles, excellent
    condition. I have scheduled relocation in the end of this month.
    I guess I need to sell the car during the last week of this

    Some questions regarding selling the car:
    1. How can I find out the accurate value of my car besides
    looking at

    2. What are the possible avenues for selling a car? And what is
    the avenue, through which I am able to sell the car fast?

    3. What are the strategies in dealing with dealer If I want to
    sell the car to them? This seems to be fastest of selling the

    Thank you for your advising.

    7%palmtree, Oct 15, 2003
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