Sticky accelerator pedal on '98 Accord EX sedan

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Ron M., Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Ron M.

    Ron M. Guest

    Have any of you '98-'02 Accord sedan owners experienced a sticky condition
    with your accelerator pedal? This usually only occurs when the vehicle is
    first driven after it has been sitting for a few hours.

    I'd be curious to know if anyone has experienced this same issue, and if so,
    what was the diagnosis and fix?


    Ron M., Jan 14, 2006
  2. Ron M.

    Jason Guest

    I have a 99 Accord sedan (4 cyld) and I have never had this problem. You
    may try adding a can of what I believe is called "fuel injection cleaner".
    Jason, Jan 14, 2006
  3. Ron M.

    TeGGeR® Guest

    Have fun.
    TeGGeR®, Jan 14, 2006
  4. Ron M.

    Elbert Guest

    I have a 99 accord and its happened to me a number of times. 150K
    miles. You need to clean the fuel throttle "bore" , the area around
    the throttle body. Its a fairly common problem.
    Elbert, Jan 14, 2006
  5. Ron M.

    Ron M. Guest

    Thanks a lot for the info! I'll take care of this issue now--because your
    document describes the problem to the letter.

    Ron M.
    Ron M., Jan 14, 2006
  6. Ron M.

    Ron M. Guest

    Well, I ended up taking my '98 Accord to a local Honda dealership Sat.
    morning to have the throttle body cleaned. The car was running just fine
    when I took it to the dealership, but that certainly wasn't the case when
    the service advisor brought it around to me. It was revving up really high
    and then right back down. Oscilatting idle effect.

    Come to find out, the service technician screwed up my Idle Air Control
    Valve during the throttle body cleaning process. Oh well. Now they're going
    to replace my IACV at no cost. I believe the tech sprayed the cleaner into
    the front side of the throttle body instead of the back. No big thing. Such
    is life. At least they're going to rectify the situation and didn't say,
    "Sorry pal. You're screwed. That'll be an additional 500 bucks." :)

    Ron M.
    Ron M., Jan 17, 2006
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