Smell from air vents 99 Accord EX

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Grad, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. Grad

    Grad Guest

    I have this strange dusty smell coming from the air vents. However I
    get it when I set the blower to take air from the outside. It goes
    away if I set it for recirculation. It is less noticable when I turn
    the AC on.
    I tried spraying Lysol into air intake openings, replaced micron
    filters (first thing), tried running hot air for a while.
    Grad, Aug 26, 2003
  2. I had this same problem and the Honda dealerships's mechanic removed
    something and cleaned it and put it back. I don't remember the cost. You
    might set the blower to take air from the outside for a couple of weeks
    except when it is humid or wet or raining. Run it to take air from the
    outside only in the day time when it is fairly hot out side the car. In
    other words, the dry air from outside should dry out the inner workings of
    the airn conditioner. Any humid or wet air makes the problem worse so set
    it for recirculation on those days. More Lysol may also help.
    Bill B. Johnson, Aug 26, 2003
  3. Grad

    Brian Smith Guest

    I've used (with success) a product from Wynn's called Fresh Air. You might
    want to try that, as an alternative to Lysol.
    Brian Smith, Aug 26, 2003
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