Discussion in 'Pilot' started by loewent, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. loewent

    loewent Guest

    Hey all,

    Anyone know of a good resource to find private sales of vehicles in
    the US?

    Would like to buy a 2 or 3 year old Ridgeline or Pilot, but I'll never
    afford one up here in Canada! We currently run 2 civics, and would
    like something bigger for the weekend, to tow a camper, lug stuff from
    Costco etc, yet avoid the minivan at all costs! Pretty easy to cost
    justify keeping both civics on the road with gas prices and a 70km x 2
    commute almost everyday. It pretty much costs nothing to keep the 89
    on the road, $75 a month for insurance and 40MPG.

    There are several dealerships here in Winnipeg that specialize in US
    vehicles, and the prices are much better than used canadian vehicles.
    I would like to see if I can find some vehicles in the US on my own,
    perhaps save even more. Lots of resources on how to get it imported,
    just need to find the vehicles!

    Thanks for your responses!
    Terry in Winnipeg

    2008 Honda Civic LX - 21000km, bought in Jan 08
    1989 Honda Civic DX - 281000km, bought for $550 in April. Its rough,
    but runs like a charm, and fun to drive!
    1998 Honda Civic LX - 298000km, smashed her up in April (which is why
    I got the '89). Bought back from the insurance company for $600,
    currently a driveway ornament. Hope to have this baby back on the
    road by next year.
    1979 Honda CM400T
    loewent, Jul 29, 2008
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