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Discussion in 'CR-V' started by R Lingard, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. R Lingard

    R Lingard Guest

    I have lost or misplaced my spare 2006 CRV key, I have had a quote from my
    local dealer of £210 to supply and program a new key, this seems a bit of a
    rip off, I notice I can buy a new key off Ebay for about £20, if I do this
    can this be reprogramed to work on my vehicle?

    Regards Roy
    R Lingard, Feb 2, 2010
  2. That does sound like a ripoff.

    You do have a working key, right? The dealer has to take that key and
    copy its anti-theft transponder information into the new key. So the
    new key is a bit expensive because of the transponder chip, then there's
    the labor for copying your info into it, so doing this is more expensive
    than going to the hardware store and making a copy--but not that

    Around here, we pay about US$75 for the whole thing. You need to find a
    new dealer and check his price.

    I know that independent locksmiths are now into this game, so the dealer
    isn't your only choice (like it was when you bought your CRV, no doubt).
    Elmo P. Shagnasty, Feb 2, 2010
  3. R Lingard

    Al Moodie Guest

    I just went through this process for an 06 Civic EX I bought about a
    month ago, only had one key with it.

    Local Dealers wanted:
    Buy new key (key and remote transmitter combined) $54 - $94 each
    Cut and program up to three keys at one time $52 - $99.50 total

    I bought keys on Ebay $25 - $35 and had them programmed at the
    cheapest local dealer. I'm in MD.

    One oddity on Ebay. One guy sold me a used key, with transmitter
    where the blade had already been cut (perhaps from a wreck in breakers
    yard, who knows). He combined this with a new key "shell key", a
    transmitter key, with uncut blade, and with the innards removed. I
    had to remove the innards from the used transmitter key and put then
    into the shell with the uncut blade, making a complete key which I
    could take for cutting and programming.

    Al Moodie
    Al Moodie, Feb 2, 2010
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