Remarks by Takeo Fukui - 2005 NAIAS Auto Show

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    Remarks by Takeo Fukui - 2005 NAIAS Auto Show

    Detroit 01/11/2005 -- Good morning everyone. Thank you for joining Honda
    again today.

    Honda is at its best, when we are creating new value for our customers.
    We achieve this when Honda associates take initiative setting
    impossible targets ... and then create new technologies to achieve them.
    The value of this initiative can be seen in our newest efforts to
    advance safety and the environment ... even as we maintain our passion
    for fun-to-drive products.

    When I joined Honda 35 years ago ... we were heading in a challenging
    new direction ... to create clean engine technology. I clearly remember
    that our entire team took initiative ... focused on the goal of leaving
    "blue skies for our children." The result was the cleanest internal
    combustion engine in the history of the industry. Today, these words
    remain powerful and clear within Honda. Importantly ... this is not a
    single mission. It includes a commitment both to reduce emissions ...
    and improve fuel economy. And to introduce the most advanced technology
    across our entire lineup ... not just one or two models.

    This fall, we will begin launching an all-new Civic. This will be the
    8th generation Civic ... with total global production now approximately
    16 million units. And it remains a benchmark among compact cars. In
    order to exceed these global customer expectations, the next generation
    global Civic lineup will include 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-door models. It will
    be produced in all six of Honda's regional operations.

    The concept for the new Civic will focus on emotion and a fun-to-drive
    spirit. I am excited about the ability of the new Civic lineup to meet
    the needs of people who love to drive. To achieve this direction ... we
    have designed a completely new engine and body.

    In fact ... Civic will offer four advanced powerplants in its first year
    on the market. This is an industry first. The new Civic will have
    Honda's latest i-VTEC engine ... with new technology that achieves even
    higher fuel economy and low emissions. This means every Honda and Acura
    sold in the U.S. will have a next generation engine. We also will
    introduce the Civic Diesel in Europe with Honda's award-winning diesel
    engine. The natural gas Civic is the cleanest internal combustion engine
    in the world and will continue to be made in Ohio. And a new Civic
    Hybrid will have a hybrid system with significantly higher fuel economy
    and performance.

    Honda is the first automaker to offer three different hybrid models ...
    including two of the industry's top selling models. And we are advancing
    this technology for future expansion. But we believe the effort to
    improve fuel economy should not be limited only to hybrids. We also have
    introduced Variable Cylinder Management technology to the Honda Odyssey
    and Accord Hybrid. This technology has achieved the optimal balance
    between high performance and superior fuel economy during highway
    driving. This fall, we will add this cylinder cut technology to the
    Honda Pilot. This means we are adding this technology to our top selling
    V-6 light truck models. And we have made a major commitment for the
    future ... with an all-new research facility in Japan. This facility is
    focused on achieving the ultimate in fuel efficiency through internal
    combustion engine technology.

    We also continue to advance fuel cell vehicle technology. We have 11
    fuel cell vehicles in the U.S. ... in the hands of customers now ...
    including the state of New York. This year ... we will achieve another
    world's first. We plan to put the FCX in the hands of an individual
    customer for the first time in history. This is just a first step ...
    but it demonstrates that Honda's fuel cell technology is ready for real
    world use.

    But we haven't stopped with development of a vehicle. Honda associates
    are taking initiative to develop a fueling infrastructure. This includes
    a home refueling unit that produces hydrogen from natural gas. By
    testing this device in New York ... together with the Honda FCX ...
    Honda is taking a comprehensive approach to advance both the vehicle and
    a hydrogen-based transportation system. We believe this technology will
    be a primary fuel source in the future.

    The strategy of applying advanced technology across our entire lineup
    .... that has been so important to Honda's environmental leadership ...
    we are applying to the area of safety as well. We call our commitment
    "Safety for Everyone" ... because we believe everyone has the right to
    safety no matter how much they pay for their vehicle ... or the size of
    that vehicle. To achieve this ... we have created new safety
    technologies ... that will be standard equipment on virtually every
    Honda and Acura vehicle in North America.

    Honda engineers developed collision compatibility technology that makes
    our customers safer ... and makes our cars and trucks less aggressive to
    people riding in other vehicles. It also includes pedestrian safety
    technology ... now on more than two million of our vehicles on American
    Now ... we are introducing another new safety technology in America. Our
    Acura brand is a technology leader in so many areas. This fall, the
    Acura RL will introduce the world's most advanced Collision Mitigation
    Brake System. This system uses millimeter wave radar ... to detect a
    collision before it happens ... it alerts the driver ... and applies
    braking force if a collision cannot be avoided. It is natural for Acura
    to lead the industry in this advanced technology.

    However ... safety is not only for performance luxury sedans. The Honda
    Accord is the only midsize car to offer all of these standard features
    you see here ... including side curtain air bags. The next generation
    Civic in the U.S. will introduce this same standard safety equipment to
    the compact segment.

    Finally ... an important area where the initiative of Honda people
    creates new value is in the challenge of racing. Racing is not a mandate
    of our company. It is the spirit of Honda people. Through their efforts,
    last year, Honda won 14 races to earn the IndyCar Triple Crown. This
    year ... we plan to take the checkered flag in Formula-1 racing as well.
    In Formula-1, we have been challenging not only to develop the engine
    .... but also the chassis. This is a big challenge ... but it is helping
    Honda advance our technology ... and also our people.

    By having this kind of fun as a company ... by continuing our commitment
    to "blue skies for our children" ... by offering Safety for Everyone ...
    and by advancing products that are fun-to-drive... Honda will not only
    meet the needs of our customers ... we will achieve our goal of being a
    company that society wants to exist. Thank you for your attention. And
    have a good year.
    Chopface, Jan 13, 2005
  2. It's exactly this attitude, especially the part about advancing fuel
    economy across ALL of their vehicles, that convinced me to switch from
    VW to my '04 Accord.

    Go Honda!
    Richard Hofer, Jan 13, 2005
  3. Chopface

    motsco_ _ Guest


    The gas mileage on our GTI didn't scare us . . it was the visualization
    of driving around in winter with my windows stuck down inside my doors
    that really helped us decide to switch to from VW to HONDA :-(

    motsco_ _, Jan 13, 2005
  4. Chopface

    SoCalMike Guest

    so is the 5 door civic going to be the jazz?
    SoCalMike, Jan 14, 2005
  5. Chopface

    SoCalMike Guest

    it was the water leaking from my windshield seal to the fusebox that
    made me switch from VW to honda.
    SoCalMike, Jan 14, 2005
  6. Chopface

    zonie Guest

    I have worked in a chevy garage for 33 years, been driving Honda cars the
    last 15 years. Latest is 04 Accord EX-L. The best one yet.
    zonie, Jan 14, 2005
  7. Chopface

    motsco_ _ Guest


    Sounds like the "New Beetle / Same old Crap" model . . I'm sure there's
    a good Yoko joke around here somewhere.

    motsco_ _, Jan 14, 2005
  8. Chopface

    TWW Guest

    Recollect when I saw the 750 four cylinder Honda motorcycle at the 1968
    Tokyo motor show when I was stationed in Japan and was amazed. Honda did
    not produce cars at that time, but it was obvious they were innovative,
    forward looking and willing to take risks. The Accord introduced in the mid
    70s was another example. They have kept it up ever since. In 1962, GM
    ridiculed the Japaneses automobile manufacturers -- look where they are
    today compared with GM.
    TWW, Jan 17, 2005
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