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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Penny, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Penny

    Penny Guest

    I presently own a 2003 Honda CR-V and am on my 2nd round of tires of
    the same brand that came on the Honda :-( initially. I don't like the
    tires, had to replace them b/4 30,000 miles and the tires were AWFUL in
    snow/ice driving. X( .

    I am looking for information regarding all season tires/winter & ice
    driving that other people are using on their CR-Vs.

    Thank you.

    Penny, Jun 11, 2006
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  2. Nokian WR. Superb tire. Quiet, all season, yet they carry the
    snowflake symbol for winter use--and boy, do they work.

    They're the best tire on the market short of dedicated winter tires.
    Elmo P. Shagnasty, Jun 12, 2006
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  3. -----------------------------------

    Go to sign in and SEARCH for 'winter and tires'. You
    wouldn't have bought a second set of the originals (unless you got them
    FREE) if you had searched it out first :-(

    'Curly Q. Links', Jun 12, 2006
  4. Penny

    messy-sc Guest

    Elmo (who replied to you first) knows what he is talking about.

    The Nokian WR is a great tire.
    I've had them on both my Honda Odyssey and Nissan Maxima. Align your
    wheels after getting them and they will last a long time.
    As of last year, they are the only all season tire with the "snowflake
    winter rating".
    In other words, you can leave them on all year and yet they are as good
    as many dedicated snow tires.

    -If you always like to squeal your tires when cornering - then these
    tires are not for you. Their deep tread when new make high speed (like
    way over the speed limit) cornering slightly imprecise.
    -If you have too much winter, then maybe you need a separate set of
    studded winter tires (see the Nokian Hakkapeliittas which are great) or
    -if you have no winter then of course you don't need winter tires.

    But otherwise I don't know why everybody doesn't use these tires.


    Review (compared to dedicated snow tires):
    messy-sc, Jun 13, 2006
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