"Rattling" sound in '97 Honda Civic...

Discussion in 'Civic' started by wardnine, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. wardnine

    wardnine Guest

    Hello, I just had the pipe directly connected to my muffler (I think it
    is sometimes referred to as either the "B" pipe or "C" pipe) replaced
    on my '97 Honda Civic DX due to rusting. It was suggested I have my
    muffler replaced also, but I didn't see a problem with the muffler so I
    just had the pipe replaced instead. After having the car fixed, I
    noticed a rattling sound coming from under my car... I usually only
    hear it when I drive at very low speeds or apply the brakes (mostly
    when I'm at a stop sign or red traffic light). When I am driving at a
    "regular" speed I don't hear the rattling sound at all. I've read that
    this may possibly be some heatshield problem or maybe even at problem
    with the cat converter?? I only noticed this after getting my exhaust
    pipe replaced at Midas last week (never heard the sound before) so I am
    wondering if I would have to perhaps get a new heatshield? Does anyone
    have an estimate as to how much it costs to get that replaced??

    wardnine, Jul 5, 2005
  2. wardnine

    TeGGeR® Guest

    wrote in

    Probably the "C" pipe. The "B" pipe is attached directly to the rear of the
    catalytic converter.

    You'll be back next year, when (not IF) something else goes.

    It's actually cheaper in the long run to use dealer parts. They last seven
    years, as opposed to Midas's one or two years.

    The cat has two heat shields. A large hose clamp will secure them if the're

    Just get Midas to rip the old one off (or do it yourself). They may do it

    If you want to replace it, most of them are between $20 and $50, and maybe
    a half-hour's labor to install.
    TeGGeR®, Jul 5, 2005
  3. wardnine

    Pars Guest

    Rattling heat shield is common to 96 to 00 Civics. My wife's 00 Civic had
    the problem twice and it has been a reoccurring problem for my 98 Civic. The
    Honda dealership was able to fix it for about $70.00 but then the problem
    would re-occur. Finally, I got my local backyard mechanic to cut the dam
    thing out (on both car). It took the mechanic about 10 minutes to remove it,
    with a blow torch and he didn't charge me for the job.

    Since my catalytic converter is in the engine bay, for my 98 Hatch, I don't
    see the point of a heat shield, especially one that's prone to come loose.

    Pars, Jul 6, 2005
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