price guess for honda civic 2006 si

Discussion in 'Civic' started by SmithChart, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. SmithChart

    SmithChart Guest

    how much will it be priced?
    just wondering...

    SmithChart, Aug 13, 2005
  2. SmithChart

    MAT Guest

    I bet the baseprice will be around 20.5. There are two options, upgraded
    wheel/summer tire package and navigation. I bet it it's 22.5 with these
    MAT, Aug 13, 2005
  3. SmithChart

    jim beam Guest

    what value do you get from navigation? personally, i already know where
    i live, where my work is, where the local stores are, etc. why on
    earth do i need to spend $1k+ for a navigation option that i'll use less
    than 3 days a year and can be "simulated" by a $10 rand mcnally? i
    don't get it.
    jim beam, Aug 13, 2005
  4. I think it is mainly for people who travel a lot. I'm more like you - the
    times we go to unfamiliar places I Mapquest the markets, restaurants,
    laundromats, etc and navigate while my wife drives. In earlier times we did
    find ourselves spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to get to the
    hotel we could see on the other side of the canal in a strange town at night
    when we couldn't find a place to buy a map - things like that.

    At work we bought a Lowrance iFinder GPS and matching MapCreate software. We
    often have to go to wild places in all sorts of weather, and saving one
    misadventure in our Sno-cat at night will easily pay for it. Anyway, the
    software has selectable details that can be loaded into the GPS. We rely a
    lot on the topo stuff and the back roads. It even has every two-track dirt
    road on the rez - without a GPS the only sane thing to do out there at night
    is to pull over and wait for daylight. We can also selectively load
    restaurants, hotels, etc, into the GPS. Not bad for about $300 US total, but
    like a map it is not something a driver alone can use without pulling over.

    Michael Pardee, Aug 13, 2005
  5. SmithChart

    Brian Stell Guest

    what value do you get from navigation? personally, i already know where
    If one only goes out of their area 3 days a year
    it makes no sense. In this case I'd recommend
    mapquest since it's free.

    I may just be different but I go to lots of
    places other than work/local-stores all the time.
    The nav is great for getting me there.

    But would I pay $1k for this. Hum... No, when I
    ordered a Mini last year I didn't because all it
    did was navigation (the deal fell thru but that's
    a different story).

    The Honda nav has a lot more than just navigation.
    It has address/type/phone info on a million
    businesses in the US. This and the ability to
    search these adds tremendously to the value.

    Here's why:

    Ever been on a trip (or out of your normal area)
    and needed to know where the nearest gas station

    Or needed cash and want to find the nearest ATM?

    Or the nearest restaurant? (The nav lets you
    specify fast-food / Mexican / Italian / Thai /
    American / etc. I found a great Cajun fish
    restaurant this way.)

    Ever had (or a passenger ever had) a headache /
    toothache / etc and wondered where the nearest
    drugstore / grocery store was?

    Or had a flat-tire / out-of-gas and need the
    phone number of the nearest gas station so you
    can call them to send someone out?

    Or nearest Honda dealer? Or the nearest Target or
    other kind of shopping? Or the nearest hotel? Ever
    wanted to find the nearest post office / police
    station? Or hardware store / stereo store?

    For me these features make the Honda nav unit
    worth the money.

    The newer nav units have real time routing
    around traffic jams. And have restaurant reviews.

    On a more minor note: I've lived in San Francisco
    for 23 years and I and friends have been surprised
    that it occasionally finds quicker routes. I also
    really like the fact that I don't have to keep
    referring to the map and/or figuring where I am
    and where I need to turn next. I get to pay
    attention to *driving* because the nav takes care
    of routing.

    I have 2005 Accord w navigation and love it (and
    because it only comes with on the EX w leather it
    really bumps the total price up a *lot* more than

    Honda/Acura seems to have the best OEM unit. I've
    been told the Toyota unit takes a long time
    (~4 minutes) to recalculate if you go off the
    route (the Honda unit takes about 20 sec). Friends
    with BMWs don't like the clumsy rotary/press input
    (Honda has a touch screen). I've looked at the
    Alpine after market units and they have more
    features and about a $3k price.

    I will never consider another car without a *good*
    nav unit.
    Brian Stell, Aug 13, 2005
  6. SmithChart

    jim beam Guest

    that's my point - the vast majority of people don't go that far afield.
    personally, i live only 15 miles from work, don't use the car for
    work, yet i do about 25k per year. and i manage without nav. don't
    think that makes me extroardinary. if i have long distance travel to
    do, i fly & rent. can't say i've ever had a problem getting free maps
    from the rental company.
    better than a free map?
    how? who would drive at random and have no idea of destination? if you
    have destination, route is merely a planning exercise which has a
    trivial extension to incorporate all that you list.
    no. they're all over the side of the road.
    they're in gas stations, malls, stores, etc.
    no. they're all over the side of the road.
    over the counter painkillers are at gas stations.
    no. i have aaa for that.
    no. you've posted this message, so presumably you have access to the
    net. if that fails, i [gasp] /ask/!!!
    that's impressive. but i'm coming from the other end of the spectrum to
    you when i say that.
    so, i'm stuck on the bay bridge. i'm not going anywhere as there's no
    alternative routing. now what? send out for pizza?
    i would never consider a car /with/ a nav unit. seems /utterly/
    ridiculous to me. just like people that buy cars based on the quality
    of the stereo. but hey, i'm told that some people worry about the color
    of their toilet paper too.
    jim beam, Aug 14, 2005
  7. I'm amazed that people were able to exist even 10 years ago, given what
    they consider an absolute necessity of life today.
    Elmo P. Shagnasty, Aug 14, 2005
  8. SmithChart

    Brian Stell Guest

    The nav is great for getting me there.
    Yes, way better. The nav is there in the car all
    the time. Mapquest requires internet access. In
    the past I've always had a full set of local maps
    and had no problem using them. But the nav is
    much more convenient and it pays attention to the
    routing so I can focus on the driving.
    No one proposed driving at random.
    So if you are out and want to go to a store but don't
    have the address how do you plan the trip? Sure, stop
    call information, call the store, write down the
    address and then pull out the maps.
    There are lots of place where they're not "all over".
    Having had the nav for a while it's really amazing
    how many are near by but not visible.

    An I acknowledge that it's certianly possible to
    wander around long enough and find one.
    Good for you.
    The advantage is when I'm in the car. If I'm at
    home or work I have phone books and the web.

    I don't know many people that carry phone books
    or have internet access in their car.
    Sure you can ask strangers on the street for
    directions. People have done that for years.
    However, it is my preference not to have depend
    on the knowledge and kindness of strangers. And
    there are lots of times when there is no one
    around to ask.
    What do you me by "i'm coming from the other end of the
    Uh, the point is to avoid the problem in the first
    place. Sure once you are there you are stuck on the
    bridge you are stuck. But depending on where you
    are heading taking the San Mateo bridge might be a
    lot faster. And of course one can listen to the
    radio to try and figure this out.
    Isn't it great that we both can choose?
    Brian Stell, Aug 14, 2005
  9. SmithChart

    Brian Stell Guest

    I'm amazed that people were able to exist
    It's not "an absolute necessity". It is a very
    useful tool to have in the car.

    New things come out and people use them.

    20 years ago people didn't even know the web

    A hundred years ago people used horses instead
    of cars.

    I don't think anyone is proposing we go back to
    those ways of life.

    Or that we cannot live without these new things.

    The issue is not "if we can or cannot live without
    these". The issue is "does one see an advantage to
    using them".

    And each one of us get to make our own choice.
    Brian Stell, Aug 14, 2005
  10. It's not "an absolute necessity". It is a very
    useful tool to have in the car.[/QUOTE]

    When someone says, "I could never imagine having a car without it," that
    person's imagination is extremely limited--because for years, he did
    have one without it.

    What he's doing is refusing to admit that he could live without it.
    He's being a spoiled, selfish brat.

    One wonders what will happen when the asteroid finally hits...
    Elmo P. Shagnasty, Aug 14, 2005
  11. When someone says, "I could never imagine having a car without it," that
    person's imagination is extremely limited--because for years, he did
    have one without it.

    What he's doing is refusing to admit that he could live without it.
    He's being a spoiled, selfish brat.[/QUOTE]

    He's not taking anything away from anyone else.
    How is he selfish?

    He can afford to buy it himself.
    How is he being spoiled?
    Steve Bigelow, Aug 14, 2005
  12. SmithChart

    TWW Guest

    You forgot to add the usual $3000 - 4000 markup by your friendly dealer. Of
    course, one would think they could not over-price it because an RSX S runs
    around 23500-24,000. At 20.5, it would be about what I paid for my 01
    Prelude I bought at the end of the year when dealers were trying to get them
    off the lot because they were discontinued -- and therefore undesireable.
    TWW, Aug 15, 2005
  13. SmithChart

    Brian Stell Guest

    When someone says, "I could never imagine having a car without it," that
    Who's quote is this? Not mine.

    I said: "I will never consider another car without a *good*
    nav unit."

    Or a car without an electric starter. People did without
    these for years.

    New features come out. Why select a car without the
    feature one wants?
    You are confused about the quote.
    Could you elaborate on why wanting modern features
    makes one spoiled or a selfish brat?
    Brian Stell, Aug 15, 2005
  14. SmithChart

    xmirage2kx Guest

    If you pull out a map more than 2-3x a week..... then get a Nav unit,
    2-3x a day... better get a good one. its just like anything else.
    would I get a $150 a month 5000min cell plan if I only wanted it to
    call AAA if I break while if I am working Realestate and
    I am on my cell phone for 3hrs a day I would wanna get that plan.
    Everything is useful if you use it, nothing is useful if you dont.
    xmirage2kx, Aug 15, 2005
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