price difference for new civics? how much to ask for the old ones?

Discussion in 'Civic' started by Keith Loyd, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Keith Loyd

    Keith Loyd Guest


    I nearly got a civic when I bought my last car and am considering replacing
    it with a new civic in the next year. Here are my questions:

    In the several months when new 05's and 06's are available, what would be an
    appropriate discount on the old ones? Alternately, if you really want the
    new model, how much of a discount would change your mind?

    I have been torn between an HX coupe and LX sedan. I want the HX drivetrain
    but probably need 4 doors.

    Any idea if the HX will even be around in 06? Press releases I have seen
    don't really address it.

    Is there a chance the price difference for hybrid civics will fall under
    $2k? That's about where the technology pays for itself for me.

    Keith Loyd, Sep 14, 2005
  2. Keith Loyd

    Bucky Guest

    Here's my opinion on 05 vs 06. I like to avoid first year redesigns,
    and since 06 Civic is a redesign, I would get the 05. There's some bugs
    to work out after the first year, and the first year usually has the
    least models available.
    In terms of supply and demand, I doubt it. The demand is so high for
    hybrids that I don't think the gap will come down.
    Bucky, Sep 14, 2005
  3. Keith Loyd

    Pars Guest

    I've been asking myself the same question. In Canada, the incentive for
    buying the out-going model is significant. One being, in a recent comparison
    test, the Reverb Coupe was able to obtained over 1000km from a tank of gas
    (doing around 80km/hr of highway driving in flat area). And, then there is
    the SE version (Which is basically like an LX but closer to DX in pricing)
    combined with a jaw dropping 5yr 1.9 percent financing makes for some
    serious incentives.

    But then there's all the rave about the 06 Civic Si, which bodes well for
    DX, LX, EX siblings. If the non DOHC model has the same handling dynamic as
    the Si (without the sharpness do to the tighter suspension), it'll probably
    be a good replacement for us buyer who are fuel conscious but still require
    a sporty ride. (It'd be cool if Honda could drop in slip-differential into
    the SOHC engine for us northerners who have to climb ice covered hills in
    the winter). Given the tougher chassis, better crash worthiness, standard
    vtec engine, the new replacement looks very tempting on paper. Also,
    there'll be about 2k to 4k depreciation in resale value for the out going
    model, because it's year end and has a sour reputation with the enthusiasts.
    Also, the 06 release is not a drastic model redesign, when compared to
    current model the dropped the double wishbone suspension. So, the lemon
    factor shouldn't be big worry. In fact, or at least in the case of the Si
    Version, I suspect over engineering is probably more likely to be the side
    effect. And if that's the case, who wants to wait a couple of years for
    Honda to figure out how to make it more cheaply?

    So, I'm waiting for the 06 (regardless of the great incentive on the 05
    Civics) and hoping Honda will drop in the slip-differential on the fuel
    efficient SOHC version. If not, I'll just have to make do....(I hear Mazda
    is coming out with a coupe version of the Miata).

    98 Civic Hatch
    Pars, Sep 14, 2005
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