Popping/crackling sounds, electrical issues 2019/2020 Honda Pilot

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by barbra76, Apr 29, 2021.

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    Apr 29, 2021
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    This IS a safety concern. My situation sounds like the same that many, many others are going through. Popping/cracking sounds coming from speakers were initially "fixed" only to spur up additional electrical issues and even a rattling sound coming from the DVD area. Those of you suffering through these issues need to report this to NHTSA. The more of us that report it, the more Honda will have to accept responsibility for putting a knowingly faulty infotainment system into vehicles, for at least 2 yrs in a row. (I've heard, per dealership technician, 2019 models have this issue as well. I personally own a 2020 Elite. I really hope 2021 didn't get stuck with this too!) A warranty is meant to cover repairs, but the wasted time and frustration is definitely not covered. You know it's bad when Honda voluntarily sends you a 1 yr extended warranty, this after only being in the shop for the 2nd attempt at repairs. What good is that when they can't get it fixed at all? We need to know what speed we are traveling at....for our safety and those driving around us. We need to have sensors set to work accurately in emergent traffic situations, not to lock up our brakes for absolutely no reason.
    Please report to NHTSA! Thank you.
    barbra76, Apr 29, 2021
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