Pinging noise on 98 civic after valves ajustment

Discussion in 'Civic' started by doozcoopey, May 2, 2006.

  1. doozcoopey

    doozcoopey Guest

    Hi all, I recently replaced timing belt/water pump on my wife's 98
    civic. I also ajusted valves clearance as well. After taking the car
    for its first ride, my wife complained about a pinging noise that I
    immediatly validated. I checked back the belt job - everything was
    fine. I also did the valves clearance ajustement another time to make
    sure everything was done well. So it is.

    What happened here? Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanx.
    doozcoopey, May 2, 2006
  2. doozcoopey

    Elle Guest

    By any chance does the noise go away after the car is warmed
    up? Is it more like a ticking noise?

    If so, all is well. It just means the valve lash is adjusted
    on the large side, rather than the small, which is
    preferable. If the valve lash is too small, a valve may
    overheat and burn.
    Elle, May 2, 2006
  3. doozcoopey

    Jason Guest

    Please check your repair manual and tell us whether or not your
    car has a knock sensor.

    You need to reset the timing.

    Check these items:

    It may be related to the spark plug wires or the spark plugs.

    You may have a vacuum leak.

    It may be related to the EGR valve.
    Jason, May 2, 2006
  4. doozcoopey

    doozcoopey Guest

    Unfortunatly, the noise does not go away when engine becomes warm. Not
    sure about the ticking sound, it is not ''rpm syncro'' and it only
    appears under load (when accelerating)
    doozcoopey, May 2, 2006
  5. doozcoopey

    doozcoopey Guest

    It does have a KS.
    I dont think plugs or wires could be involved, since the problem
    atrated immediatly after the belt/valves job

    How do you reset timing? this is a new interresting element to me;

    It may have a vacuum leak, ill check for it as soon as the car gets
    back here ;)

    Thanx alot
    doozcoopey, May 2, 2006
  6. doozcoopey

    Jason Guest

    You need a timing light. Hopefully, the instructions should come with
    the timing light. If you have a repair manual, there may be instuctions
    in the manual on how to adjust the timing. Perhaps someone could post
    the URL of a website that provides instuctions on how to set the timing.
    Perhaps you could ask one of your friends to show you how to do it.
    It's really easy.
    Jason, May 2, 2006
  7. doozcoopey

    Elle Guest

    The Chilton's manuals for Honda autos have the instructions
    for setting the timing.

    Jason is correct that after a timing belt job, one is
    supposed to check and adjust as necessary the timing.

    Here's a nice overview, with photos, for setting the timing
    on an older Honda. Much or all of the steps should be the
    same for a 98 Civic.

    Also, the 97 Civic manual at may replicate
    the steps for a 98, but no guarantees. It's at least worth

    I bought my timing light on Ebay for about $15. Nothing
    fancy is needed.

    Not sure this is behind the pinging. I'd be a little
    concerned it was coming from the water pump, whose bearings
    make a high pitched cheap-cheap noise, for one, if they are
    near failure.
    Elle, May 2, 2006

  8. --------------------------------

    Sounds like your timing is incorrect. Computer will do that if your
    coolant is not absolutely full, or the timing was reset without putting
    the service jumper on. Fill reservoir to MAX, per the owner's manual and
    see if it gets better next day (then refill reservoir to MAX again). No
    tap water.

    'Curly Q. Links', May 2, 2006
  9. doozcoopey

    Jason Guest

    Thanks for your excellent post. You always seem to provide
    really great advice. Keep up the great work. We appreciate
    it. I have learned a lot from your posts and the posts of the
    other mechanics.
    Jason, May 2, 2006
  10. doozcoopey

    Elle Guest

    Oops. I shopped Ebay, where timing lights move very fast,
    but not being fast enough, I ended up happily buying an old
    Craftsman timing light at a pawn shop for $15. The pawn shop
    owner let me check it out in the parking lot, first.
    Likewise, Jason. I'd forgot that, of course the ignition
    timing (the one adjusted by twisting the distributor
    housing) can be affected with the installation of a new
    timing belt.
    Elle, May 3, 2006
  11. doozcoopey

    Jason Guest

    You are welcome. Keep up the great work. I wish that I knew
    as much about the electronics related to engine controls as
    you know. I was a mechanic's helper during those years (1960's)
    before they had all of those electronics. It was easy to be
    a mechanic in those days. I have a great amount of respect
    for the new generation of mechanics. The only draw-back is the
    excessive cost of testing equipment. Back in those days, almost
    everyone did all of the mechanical work on their cars--that's
    not true in these days.
    Jason, May 3, 2006
  12. doozcoopey

    doozcoopey Guest

    Thanx alot for the links. I am pretty familiar with the timing light
    procedure. I thought it was electronicaly controlled or something like
    that. Ill check for that too. Thanx alot again.
    doozcoopey, May 3, 2006
  13. doozcoopey

    doozcoopey Guest

    The coolant may not be full as i also replaced the water pump. Why the
    computer would retard/advance ignition because the coolant is not full?
    What about the timing reset without the service jumper? fill me!
    thanx alot all, I now have 3 good points to check: vacuum leak, timing
    degree and coolant level!
    Im closer and closer ;)
    doozcoopey, May 3, 2006

  14. ---------------------------------

    Keep in mind that changing the TB shouldn't throw the ignition timing
    out by more than a degree or two. If you find that it's out about 10+
    degrees, you can be sure the new belt is not timed correctly (cam
    timing), or the OLD BELT was not timed correctly, and somebody
    previously adjusted the ignition timing to compensate. Telltale sign:
    The distributor should sit in the middle of it's adjustment 'range'. If
    it's all the way to one side, something's really wrong.

    Since you mentioned water pump, I mentioned AIR in the system (and
    heater core). The computer may 'compensate' for a wrong temp reading by
    changing timing and fuel-air mix = ping.

    'Curly Q. Links', May 3, 2006
  15. doozcoopey

    Elle Guest

    I suspected you were one of those long-time automobile
    engineering enthusiasts.

    I bet you can diagnose carburetor problems like there's no

    OTOH, just comparing my 91 Civic's bare-bone electronics to,
    say, the 2006 Civic's electronics is frightening! My
    attitude with my 91 Civic's electronics is replace, don't
    repair. Anyone who reads my site's igniter exploration,
    where I thought a certain resistor might be a capacitor,
    might have suspected this. :)
    Elle, May 3, 2006
  16. doozcoopey

    Jason Guest

    That is probably the way that most mechanics do it. For example,
    I doubt if very many mechanics would be able to repair the ECU.
    It would be much easier to replace the ECU than repair it.
    One of the mechanics from my generation is of the opinion
    that the car companies made the new cars in such a way that
    people now have to take their cars to the dealership's shop
    and pay for the repairs instead of being able to do their
    own repairs of mechanical problems. I doubt if he was correct.
    However, it's true that most people are no longer able to
    repair their own cars. I don't even have the expensive test
    equipment that I need to make any repairs.
    You are fortunate to work in a shop that has the expensive
    test equipment.
    Jason, May 3, 2006
  17. doozcoopey

    doozcoopey Guest

    well, coolant was good (engine is running for a week now) ans no vacuum
    leak. I didnt check for timing because my timing light is dead :( It
    was an old thing anyway. But as you said earlier, my distributor is
    right in the middle of it's adjustment range. so no big issue. So im
    starting over :(
    doozcoopey, May 3, 2006
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