One more lesson ....Battery lost Power.

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Red Cloud, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. Red Cloud

    Red Cloud Guest

    A glass going up and down in automatic windows door consumes a lots
    of battery. I've the problem of the glass that can't going up and I spent
    about 30 minutes try to fix the problem. I sort of push up and down the
    glass switch that control by the motor. Well after 30 min I tried to start
    the car but the battery has lost power. I did not know that the glass
    motor consumed a lots of battery. Well i have had to charge battery. it gots
    start. This is no easy fix since the cable moving up and down connect o
    cable need to be exam. I can't take this part. So don't play around with
    Glass motor switch, it consumes battery power fast.
    Red Cloud, Nov 19, 2004
  2. Red Cloud

    Abeness Guest

    So now you know--start the engine if you have to play around with the
    windows for a long time. If you listen to the difference in motor sound
    with the engine running and with the engine off, you'll notice that the
    motor sounds a lot stronger (or at least more robust) with the engine
    running. This is a good clue that it's drawing a lot of juice, and is
    happier when powered by the alternator. You can also turn on your
    interior light and see what happens when you hit the window switch. My
    guess would be that it will dim significantly with the engine off.

    Anyway, 30 mins. is a very long time.
    Abeness, Nov 19, 2004
  3. Red Cloud

    Terry Guest

    I suspect that your battery is just old and has lost a lot,
    maybe most, of it's capacity. You might want to start pricing
    a replacement before your current battery dies for keeps.
    Modern cars, and light trucks, have such "good" ignition
    systems that most will start with what would have been a
    "dead" battery 30 years ago.
    In the "Good old days", batteries failed in the dead of
    winter. A large V8 engine, hard to crank with a an old Kettering
    points based ignition system, required a hefty batttery to spin
    the motor and produce a hot enough spark to start the engine.
    Modern engines are smaller, easier to spin and the ignition
    system will produce a nice hot spark with as little as 8V!
    I recently fought a fried CPU and failed main PGM-FI relay.
    I can start both my 1991 Civic and my 1985 Celica with a 24amp
    hour gell-cell, in cold, 20 degrees F, weather.
    That little battery won't even spin a V8 on a hot July day!
    Modern batteries most often fail during extreme heat. The battery
    was sick the preceeding winter, but the engine would start. A common
    warning of impending battery failure is the radio losses the memory
    assignments. The lights will also vary in brightness with engine
    speed as the battery approaches EOL. (End Of Life)
    One of the simple, 3 LED, "battery checkers" that plug into your
    cigerette lighter are usefull. A better test is a load box with
    a voltmeter. Put a 1/2 ohm load across a 13.6V battery and you draw
    26+Amps. Monitor the battery voltage before the load is applied and
    keep the load in place for 30 to 60 seconds. If the battery voltage
    drops to 11V or lower, you are on borrowed time. This load will get
    HOT! (13.6V^2)/.5 Ohms= 369.92Watts!
    The starter on my Civic only draws 30+ amps.
    Harbor Frieght often has battery test load boxes for under 20$.
    Most parts places can check your battery for free.
    I like to check my battery every oil change, and before I go
    on "long" trips. I much preferr to change a weak battery then to
    mess with a dead one on the road or in rain or snow.
    Wwwhile I am a TV engineer, most of my automotive experience
    has been with my hobby with radio. I hold an Extra Class ticket
    and have fought automotive electric ssytems for 35 years.
    Compared to generators common in the 1960s' we have it made
    with modern electronics. No points to replace. Alternators last a
    long time. Generators always gave poor performance. Everything old
    was not great. I know that when the auto's CPU/ECM dies it is a major
    pain. But most cars rust out before the engine or ECM fail.
    Terry, Nov 19, 2004
  4. Red Cloud

    JM Guest

    Thanks, Chief. Maybe next time spend more wampum for heap big battery.

    JM, Nov 19, 2004
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