Odyssey: tailgate very hard to open/lift

Discussion in 'Odyssey' started by PFRG, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. PFRG

    PFRG Guest

    Hi all

    Sorry about this - I originally posted this question on alt.autos.honda but
    I recognize that this newsgroup probably has a much wider readership than
    a.a.h. So if anyone has any ideas for me, I sure would appreciate it.

    We have a problem on our 2000 Honda Odyssey and I'm wondering if anyone here
    has encountered a similar problem and may be able to render advice.

    The tailgate (rear hatch door) was accidentally left half open while a
    garage door against which it was leaning was opened (wife pressed the remote
    door opener without noticing that tailgate was pressed against garage door).
    Now we have a tailgate that is basically non-functional because it is
    incredibly hard to open (door is much heavier than I imagined it was). I
    looked at the tailgate shocks (I've heard them also referred to as lift
    cylinders); they appear to be bolted to the frame normally. But what could
    explain why the door feels like it has virtually Zero assist from the
    shocks? Could we have "hyper-extended" the shocks to the point where one or
    both of them do not have any compressed gas in them? How could this have
    occurred? I thought these things are under thousands of pounds of pressure,
    aren't they? The shocks do not appear to be damaged when I performed a
    cursory visual inspection.

    Any other thoughts on what could have gone wrong?

    thanks much, in advance.

    PFRG, Jun 28, 2004
  2. PFRG

    E. Meyer Guest

    How about the hinges? There is a reasonable chance that something was bent
    or knocked out of alignment and now its binding when you try to open the

    Does it stay up by itself? If the lifts are failing, the hatch will fall
    back down as soon as you let go of it.
    E. Meyer, Jun 28, 2004
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