new Honda CR-V , LX vs. EX

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by tomasz.kk, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. tomasz.kk

    tomasz.kk Guest


    my uncle used to drive caddy deville, but it broke down, and now
    needs to buy a new car, or little used. But it must be rather
    reliable, thats why he wants to get some jappanese brand. I was
    advising him chrysler pacifica, it seems to be a lot of car for the
    money, but it has a terrible reputation, at least the older models.

    anyway, what would you think about brand new 2008 CR-V ?

    i suggested the following models:

    4WD LX $24,275


    2WD EX $25,275

    EX looks better then LX, but i deleted 4WD option to lower the
    price. What do you think about 4WD? is it worth it? the car will
    be used on roads, mainly in the city.

    i also don't think alloy wheels are not worth as an option, because
    there is always a possibilty of installing some aftermarket rims, like
    this one:

    what do you think??
    thanks for any advices!!

    tomasz.kk, Nov 22, 2007
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  2. tomasz.kk

    motsco_ Guest


    His LOCATION is more important than you've estimated. If he's in a snowy
    place, the AWD pays for itself first season just in 'peace of mind'.
    Same might apply if he has to travel on any muddy / unmaintained roads.
    Let Celine Dion keep her Pacifica (and her music).

    motsco_, Nov 22, 2007
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  3. tomasz.kk

    tomasz.kk Guest

    thanks for your response! he lives in new york, so its not so cold,
    and not snowing so much during the winter. and anyway the snow is
    usually removed in urban areas.
    and i read about this CR-V 4WD that its not constant or can't be even
    manually controlled, the car decides by itself whether to use more
    grip by , so it wouldnt be used for most of the time. And probably
    set of winter tires would be better option for a city driving.

    wherever i read about CR-V, some tests, and opinions on different
    internet forums, it wins with its competitors, eg RAV4 or
    outlander. so it must be a good choice.

    at first my uncle wanted to buy used CR-V , like 2006 or 2007 but
    the prices are still so high that actually its better deal to buy a
    brand new 2008 model, and pay literally the same money.
    my choice for him is 2WD EX with some extras what brings it to
    $25k. without tax of course.
    tomasz.kk, Nov 23, 2007
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