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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Robert Bodling, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. I posted this before and have not seen anything helping me out here,
    please help if you can!
    My 1987 Accord LXi's rear window washer doesn't spray the rear window.
    I pulled the hose off the front right hand sprayer to see why it
    wasn't spraying the right side of the windshield. I cleared the hose,
    between the two sprayers, removed the sprayer head and found the jet
    that sprays the right side was clogged. I cleared the jet and now it
    works (some what). How do I check the hose that supplies the fluid to
    the rear window sprayer head to see if it might be clogged or if the
    head jets might be clogged? I was able to pop the front one out of
    it's hole in the hood, but how do I pot the back one out without
    removing the head liner in the car? Or, where does the hose run to
    supply the sprayer? I know the book says they both (front and rear)
    use the same reservoir, but how doe the washer fluid get from the
    front to the back?
    In addition to that, now that I cleared the jet that sprays the right
    side of the windshield (or was supposed to), now sprays over the roof
    and gets the back window wet... and hopefully no one else behind me...

    I was installing something in the car this past weekend where I
    removed the left door threshold and found the rubber tube from the
    front windshield pump motor (I believe) running under neath towards
    the rear. I could not see where it was connected to the line that
    feeds the front two sprayers to see if it might be clogged. Also, is
    it possible to remove the rear window sprayer head to check to see if
    it might be clogged?

    Please assist me if you can and thanks if you do!

    Robert Bodling, Jul 24, 2003
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