need help adjusting valves 96 prelude S

Discussion in 'Prelude' started by 96preludevictor, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. hi i needed to adjust my valves on my 16 valve f22 motor it makes a
    clicking sound in the engine i dont know how much to tighten them any
    suggestions? thanks
    96preludevictor, Apr 29, 2005
  2. 96preludevictor

    Randolph Guest

    If you are at a skill level where you are adjusting valves, you need to
    spring for a service manual. Hayne's is so-so, /The/ authority is the
    factory service manual, available from if you are
    in the US.
    Randolph, Apr 29, 2005
  3. 96preludevictor

    TeGGeR® Guest

    First, do some serious reading. You can do some seriously expensive damage
    to your motor if you monkey with your valves knowing what you obviously
    seriously (don't) know.

    As Randolph says,

    Also, go here:

    Spend some time reading. And reading. And reading.
    TeGGeR®, Apr 29, 2005
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