Need help! 01 ody still making same noise after new transmission.

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Dad-x-2, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Dad-x-2

    Dad-x-2 Guest

    Hello, my 01 ody has developed a problem that has me stummped. Heres the
    rundown. On Nov. 29 had 2 new goodyear tires put on front and the 2 best
    firestones rotated to back, no problems.( i always buy 2 tires at a
    time) On March 30 I had the 2 goodyears rotated to the back and replaced
    the 2 firestones with 2 more of the same brand of goodyear and put them
    on the front. I started home and noticed a noise I had not noticed
    before. When accelerating you hear a noise that sounds like you are
    sharprning lawn mower blades on a bench grinder (best way I can describe
    the noise) and when you let off gas the noise chabges pitch or almost
    goes away. I did not thnk that a tire would cause a problem like that.
    If you get up to 60 or above it gets much worse. 2 weeks ago I finally
    got it to the dealer and they said :yep another ody tranny gone when
    they drove it. did not think it was a tire problem. Called late Friday
    and said it was ready. Picked up this Sat. morn and the same dang noise
    is still there and sounds no difference. I will be taking it backk
    Monday morn. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Could the tires be
    causing this? They were the more expensive goodyear tire wal-mart sold.
    only 2 choices, these or michelin symettry.

    Dad-x-2, Apr 25, 2004
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