Mystery under seat shelf and glove box light in CRV??!

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by Jill, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Jill

    Jill Guest

    Hello all,

    Now lets see if anyone can solve this mystery! I have the 2010 CRV EXL
    4WD. I've been reading the manual and it mentions that there is a
    light in the glove box when you have the parking lights or headlights
    on. There is not. In fact me and my friend looked in it and could not
    find a bulb or socket for one. Is there really supposed to be a light
    there? My friends accord has one, but this CRV does not!

    Then I was reading and there is an under seat tray (if equipped it
    says) under the passenger seat in the front. Not only is there NOT one
    but there's not even any tracks which look like it could have had one.
    Is this an option or am I supposed to have this and the dealer forgot

    Thanks so much,

    Jill, Jul 26, 2010
  2. Jill

    MM Guest

    IIRC, there was some discussion on the CR-V forum (that I posted the
    link to the other day) about the mysterious missing glove box light and
    the consensus was that the 2010's didn't have it regardless of what the
    manual says.

    Also, I believe that the EXL's do not have an under seat tray...the
    subwoofer is located there...the EXL's have a different sound system
    than the LX and plain old EX. Now that I think about it, the glove box
    light may also be an LX/EX/EXL difference.

    Ask this in the forum and I'm sure you'll get some answers (and some of
    them might even be correct...). It's a really good source for CR-V info.
    MM, Jul 26, 2010
  3. Jill

    Jill Guest

    Okay thanks...what's the CRV forum link?
    Jill, Jul 26, 2010
  4. Jill

    MM Guest

    Look here for more info:

    There's a forum for 2007-2010 CR-v's. I believe the missing glove box
    light was discussed a couple months ago.
    MM, Jul 26, 2010
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