My CR-V and snow traction

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by Jill, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Jill

    Jill Guest

    Hello all,

    I was reading and doing some research with my friend about what kind
    of tires Honda puts on their CRV's for 2010. It seems that the two
    tire types are Bridgestone Dueler HL 400 and Continental 4X4 Contact.
    My friend had gone to a site called the Tire Rack. We were both
    puzzled by the comments. Some people in northern areas with snow had
    rated the Bridgestone's as great in the snow, and great in dry
    weather, but not water. Others said they were good in the dry
    conditions only and others said they were good in everything. Most of
    the complaints seem to be coming from tread wear, but also traction in
    snow saying that they hit ice and snow covered roads at 25 mph and
    then crashed into things.

    Now seriously, if you know how to drive in snow and ice you know that
    you don't drive 25 mph when you can clearly see that the road is icy
    and snowy before stopping. You better be going about 10 mph. I've
    lived in the North East long enough to know this.

    Then we were reading about continental, there were only 3 reviews. One
    didn't really apply and the others said they were not good
    particularly on dry pavement of all surfaces! Also there was a
    statement somewhere that said they were bad in snow also. I really
    cannot imagine Honda marketing an SUV with tires that are all out bad
    in the snow and wet weather.

    So far I've only had dry weather since I got mine last weekend. It
    handles great with the Duelers on city, highway and twisty country
    roads in dry conditions. I'll have to post the other conditions as I
    see them. I'll give an accurate review. I'm aware that 4WD doesn't
    make you stop or steer any better than FWD it only helps you get out
    of deep snow and get up a snowy hill. No car or truck is good on ice
    with any tire.

    Jill, Jul 29, 2010
  2. But some tires make a car better than other tires.
    Elmo P. Shagnasty, Jul 29, 2010
  3. Jill

    M.A. Stewart Guest

    Do you get a lot of ice (freezing rain, thaws and freezes etc.)? If so, look
    for tires that are specific to performing on ice. Those tires make a
    noticeable difference on ice, and work better in snow than all-season tires.
    M.A. Stewart, Jul 29, 2010
  4. Jill

    Jill Guest

    Well I agree that some are better than others.

    In my area the city roads are well plowed and clear after a day
    following a storm. The side streets are plowed but not that well.
    There might be a lot of slush and slippery areas. The posted speed
    limits on the side roads is 25-15 mph in sunny dry weather, so in snow
    and ice I'd be going about 10 mph anyway depending. We rarely get
    freezing rain. Its either dry and cold ( daytime winter about 35
    degrees and night about 0-10), or we have snowfall ranging from 3-6
    inches for small storms to 8-12 inches for moderate to larger storms.
    The really bad stuff can be 18-24 inches, but I wouldn't even think of
    venturing out in that especially when its combined with whiteout
    conditions and 40-50 mph gale winds. So that being said, what can I
    expect from my Duelers if I drive slow and take it easy? I just spent
    almost 29k on this car, I don't want to spend another 600.00 on
    upgraded tires that are not really needed.

    As a side note, my friends Accord has Michelin tires which are
    supposed to be very good, but the car is horrible in the snow. I've
    driven it in the snow and it was very scary. If there's more than a
    couple of inches of snow in the Accord you're really in trouble.

    Thanks so much,

    Jill, Jul 29, 2010
  5. Even the best all-season tires are no substitute for winter tires in snow.
    Eternal Searcher, Jul 29, 2010
  6. Jill

    Jill Guest

    Well today I called a local tire chain near my house. The man on the
    phone seemed pretty knowledgeable about tires. He was saying that
    Blizzak is good for snow driving only, but a more balanced one with
    great reviews is the Yokohama Parada Spec X. I guess its good for
    snow, ice, water and dry conditions. I asked him about the Bridgestone
    Duelers and he said they were an average tire, not great but not bad
    and would do just fine with a 4WD, but the one he mentioned was the
    best choice. Maybe those would be a good replacement tire.

    Today we had light rain this morning and the street was a little wet
    but not heavily. My CR-V was fine in that. I'll have to see how it is
    in more rainy or later snowy conditions.

    Jill, Jul 30, 2010
  7. The absolute best all-around tire is the Nokian WR:

    The only "all-season" tire with the snowflake emblem that indicates true
    winter use.

    Quiet, efficient, incredible in the slush and snow and easy for driving
    in the heat of summer. I don't know how they do it, but they do.
    Elmo P. Shagnasty, Jul 30, 2010
  8. Jill

    Jill Guest

    Thank you they look like a good tire also.
    Jill, Jul 30, 2010
  9. Jill

    Jill Guest

    Hello all,

    Today I took my CRV to an outdoor camp and rifle range with a friend
    of mine who's into the outdoor scene. It handled quite good on the
    dirt and gravel trails, some with small hills. I couldn't even tell it
    was a dirt road. So now we know that its pretty good on grass, dirt
    roads and gravel trails etc, and the Bridgestone Dueler's that
    everyone is scaring me about did fine with that. I hope to report rain
    soon when it comes. I'm starting to wonder if a lot of the reviews in
    the tire rack site that we saw are just negative advertisements.

    Jill, Aug 1, 2010
  10. Jill

    Boomer Guest


    I just use ordinary road tires. I live in a part of the country that has
    6 months of winter. We generally have between 200 and 300 inches of snow
    during the winter.

    My 98 CRV has handled all this very well. The only time I have a problem
    is when it is spring or fall. You can get a ice layer on the road and
    then a melt.

    My CRV does not have good traction on ice covered with water. If I had
    studded tyres that would probably solve the problem, but I don't want to
    drive around with those noisy things.

    Boomer, Aug 9, 2010
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