Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Brad Taylor, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. Brad Taylor

    Brad Taylor Guest

    This is probably a dumb question, I have inherited a '84 Honda Civic from
    my mother. She is still alive however, and I need this car to get her back
    and forth to the doctors. I can't afford a new car now and my 4wl drive
    truck is too far off the ground for her to get in.

    Is there a lift kit for this little bugger? The stock struts, even new, are
    too flimsy and the car bottoms out way too easily. Getting in and out is
    falling in and climbing out, sort of opposite of my truck. For her, it's
    the same, but I have to lift her out and sort of ease her down into it. I
    would like to find a strut system that would stiffen up the suspension and
    lift it up some. If I could get this little go kart seat height a little
    higher it would help the gettin' in and out. I'm not trying to go muddin'
    in this car, but just trying to keep it from bouncing off the pavement so
    much and helping access.

    Any help out there?

    Brad Taylor, Apr 8, 2005
  2. Brad Taylor

    halo2 guy Guest

    If you get new springs you shouldn't have a problem.
    halo2 guy, Apr 8, 2005
  3. Brad Taylor

    twillmon Guest

    Oh yeah? Front end is torsion bars on my '84 wagon...

    Tom Willmon
    near Mountainair, (mid) New Mexico, USA

    Net-Tamer V 1.12.0 - Registered
    twillmon, Apr 8, 2005
  4. Brad Taylor

    halo2 guy Guest

    well then adjust the torsion bars

    halo2 guy, Apr 8, 2005
  5. Brad Taylor

    halo2 guy Guest

    struts and or shocks have no bearing on ride height or bottoming out. The
    play no part whatsoever in supporting the weight of the car. The springs or
    possibly torsion bars in this case support the car.
    halo2 guy, Apr 11, 2005
  6. Brad Taylor

    Brad Taylor Guest

    Actually, I did get new struts and shocks along with some new motor mounts
    because of all the times I bottom out. Even with the new stuff, it still
    bottoms out. This car has no springs that I can see, unless they are coil.
    I can't tell.
    Brad Taylor, Apr 11, 2005
  7. Brad Taylor

    Eric Guest

    This diagram depicts the front lower arm of the '84 Civic The part labeled #13 is the actual
    torsion bar that holds up the car.

    Eric, Apr 11, 2005
  8. Brad Taylor

    Brad Taylor Guest

    thanks, i didn't know. Guess, i'll just have to get a higher car somehow.
    Brad Taylor, Apr 14, 2005
  9. Torsion bars normally have adjustments to adjust the ride height. Part #33
    in the diagram is labeled "nut, adjusting" and looks like it is in the right
    place to adjust it.

    Michael Pardee, Apr 15, 2005
  10. Torsion bars normally have adjustments to adjust the ride height. Part #33
    And if thats not enough (may not be), take the torsion bar out and rotate
    the lower control arm on spline. Then you have to dort out the rear with a
    longer spring. Go to a wrecker and look at the rear springs from other cars,
    starting with later Civics. Pick a spring with
    a) the same or very similar INSIDE diameter so the spring will fit over your
    struts, and

    b) the same wire gauge and longer free length, or
    c) bigger wire gauge and about the same free length.

    Stick it in a see if this lifts the car suitably.

    Stewart DIBBS
    Stewart DIBBS, Apr 15, 2005
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