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    wucchdrpskig Guest

    A minimal RV typically contains beds, a table, food preparation and
    storage areas. Larger models add full bathrooms, refrigerators, living
    areas, master bedrooms, etc. Some RVs are very elaborate, with
    satellite TV and internet access, slide-out sections, and awnings; many
    RVs can cost (new) from less then $10,000 to $100,000 with some costing
    over $1 million. These high end RVs typically need to be financed by
    banks or specialized lenders.
    Many RVers stay at RV parks, most of which feature electrical, water
    and sewer service (full hookups), as well as cable television and
    wireless Internet. Amenties often include swimming pools, gamerooms and
    even destination-resort activities such as horseback riding. While
    others prefer staying at locations in rural, remote areas, called
    Boondocking and still others at public campgrounds with minimal
    Advantages of RVs include not having to move one's things in and out of
    motel rooms, not having to rent multiple motel rooms, sleeping in a bed
    one is comfortable with and the fact that preparing food saves money
    compared to eating in restaurants. At the same time, an RV provides
    more organized living space and better protection from the weather than
    a tent. Children also tend to like RVs.
    Disadvantages of RVs include low fuel economy for the motorized RV or
    tow vehicle, lack of maid service as experienced in motels (maid
    service is available at a few high-end resorts), and larger RV models
    can be hard for the novice to drive or tow.
    Some people also live in RVs because they lack funds for more
    conventional housing.
    Similarly, RVs '' specifically, trailers which strongly resemble travel
    trailers, but usually with fewer amenities '' have been used to
    temporarily house victims of natural disasters. A notable example is
    Hurricane Katrina; the federal disaster relief agency FEMA has ordered
    large numbers of such trailers to house victims of the storm in
    Louisiana and Mississippi.
    Some people craft their own RVs out of cars, vans, or even used
    Elkhart, Indiana, is known as the "RV Capital of the World" because it
    is home to many RV manufacturers, including, Forest River, Heartland
    RV, the Damon Corporation, Four Winds, Hy-Line, Keystone, Monaco, Sun
    Valley, and Travel Supreme. Many other manufacturers, including
    Dutchman, Gulf Stream, and Jayco, can be found in the nearby towns of
    Goshen, Middlebury, Nappanee, and Wakarusa. In 2005, these locales
    experienced a boom because of the large number of trailers ordered to
    house Hurricane Katrina victims.
    wucchdrpskig, May 8, 2006
  2. wucchdrpskig

    Enrico Fermi Guest

    The pros and cons of RVs have been debated in the past and, IIRC, over long
    distances it is cheaper to fly, rent a car and stay at the motel. Friends
    who have sold their homes and live in their RV aver that the lack of
    property taxes and other home expenses make the RV experience very
    affordable (if a little cramped). Mostly, the kids get the leftover stuff
    from the former family estate. Houseboaters would claim the same advantage
    but they are stuck at the dock. Using RVs for hurricane victims is good for
    the victims and the manufacturers; not so good for the taxpayers (if you
    ever lived or studied in an obsolete quonset hut at your state run school,
    you will know what the government thought was high living in the 1940's).
    The government's next initiative might be to try to shame us with the "is
    this trip necessary?" meme. I'm guessing we will eventually have a high
    speed rail system linking NY to LA and Chicago to New Orleans (built by the
    government bailed-out GM) and if you don't like that you won't be
    travelling. Just my opinion.......
    Enrico Fermi, May 9, 2006
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