KYB-AGX front strut installed tonight

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by fish, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. fish

    fish Guest

    hi yall,

    i got a question about front struts in a 2001 honda civic. i just
    installed the agx by kyb in the front, took it for a test drive, and
    noticed a noise in the front passenger side strut which sounded like a
    loose spring, or soimething. what could this be? i double checked
    all the bolts, etc, they are all in place and tight.

    thanks for your advice, recommendations, etc.

    fish, Oct 23, 2004
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  2. fish

    john Guest


    I got a problem that sound similar with a rsx-s (or honda integra),
    which is built very similar to a civic please read to see if it matches
    your problem and let me know.

    Also let us know if you manage to fix it.
    Thnks -john
    Thanks, I will check for that.

    I forgot to say that you can only hear the noise when pulling out
    of the drive-way or turning around in parking lot. Or playing with the
    steering wheel while car is idle.

    It doesn't occur while driving nor does it affect handling of the car.
    honda integra name in Japan and most part of the world.
    that, I noticed a small noise which grows more important now.
    turning the steering wheel while car was idle and putting my hand on the
    spring. The noise matches when the strut spring moves a little bit
    suddently (it rotates a little in strokes maybe by half an inche or so
    max in total, enough to fell it when it does).
    somewhere, I wouldn't want the whole thing to go while driving.
    suspension parts have been put back together properly.
    by myself. You are never better served than by yourself when it comes to
    cars as I have come to learn.
    john, Oct 23, 2004
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  3. fish

    john Guest

    Just a wild idea, could it be that the spring was mounted upside down?
    everything seems well set and tight in my case too.
    john, Oct 23, 2004
  4. fish

    fish Guest

    i did fix my problem.

    turns out that the top nut that holds the strut piston to the strut
    assembly needed another rotation. once that was completed the noise
    went away. btw, i was able to duplicate the symptoms by pushing down
    on the front bumper, with the hood open, and i saw the nut/piston
    shift ever so slightly up and down. but like you, at first i was
    jerking around my steering thinking that was the problem. the funny
    thing was that i teghtened this nut in my basement and i didnt feel
    like it needed a second tightening once it was installed in the car.
    i was wrong.

    give this a try, if it works for you let us know.

    fish, Oct 23, 2004
  5. fish

    john Guest

    thanks fish,

    seems the same here, since things got looser and sound more noticeable,
    I can now see slight gap between the nut and the washer by eye without
    even moving front bumpmer.

    I tryied to tighten the nut but since I do not know if there is any
    locking mechanism ( never took a newer civic strut apart before) I did
    not want to break anything.

    Can I just go ahead an torque the nut?

    It seems the strut assembly needs extra tightning to act properly in the
    long run, my car did not make that noise rigth after it got out of the
    dealer for work the strut. Or even better, re-thighning after a few runs
    and after stuff has taken place.

    I feel pretty confident you identidfied my problem as well, I will
    confirm later
    john, Oct 24, 2004
  6. fish

    fish Guest


    good, let me know how it turns out. torque that nut down to about 20
    ft/lbs, i think, but make sure you hold the shock piston rod still
    using an allen key or small wrench, what ever your application
    fish, Oct 24, 2004
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