Knowing more about Honda Jazz Elegance Top

Discussion in 'Jazz' started by Fernando André, May 25, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    I have a honda jazz elegance top from 2009 and I noticed that after a
    while of having the "sofagem" (alternative to Air conditioner but
    "sofagem" uses the water eat to generate hot or vents air from the
    outside , sorry I don't know how to say it in english). Anyway this
    "sofagem" after a while being on the air conditioner turns on without
    me having pressed it and so whant to know if this is normal.

    Also another question is how usually does the Cooler Vent turn on, at
    witch temperature does the engine usually is ?

    Also I'm having a son and so I was thinking on darkening the back seat
    window glasses was wondering if anyone has any sugestions for this.

    Thanks for any help or sugestions.
    Fernando André, May 25, 2010
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