keyless remote suddenly stopped working after a 2-weeks vacation: 1998 Honda Civic EX 2DRS

Discussion in 'Civic' started by maxikworld, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. maxikworld

    maxikworld Guest

    Dear Experts,

    I have a Honda Civic EX 1998 2DR with a factory remote keyless and
    factory AM/FM receiver and factory CD player.

    Problem: After 2 weeks I came back from a vacation (nobody drove the
    car). The keyless remote stopped working. Nobody dropped it.

    I replaced the keyless remote batery. The same effect - no
    functionality. Tried to re-program the keyless remote - no result, no
    functionality, the car doesn't see the keyless remote even during the
    re-programming. I cheked the fuse for the keyless entry/cruise control.

    It is OK. The cruise control works fine.


    1) My friend who looked after my car while I was away told me that once
    in the night he noticed that the interior overhead light was
    flickering. He switched
    it to the "OFF" postion (he had a regular metal key).
    2) The charge of the car battery became weaker (probably as a result of

    that light flickering).
    3) The car starts wells, runs well, the interior overhead light works
    fine when I close/open the doors, no flickering, AM/FM is fully
    functional, CD is ok.

    I read in the forum that the keyless remote unit is built into the the
    standard receiver head unit and it is also responsible for that
    overhead light.

    1) What might be the cause? Does the AM/FM receiver have a blown
    circuit for the keyless remote?
    2) Do I use the right reprogramming instructions: doors unlocked,
    ignition on, lock or unlock button .... ? I have honda civic ex, 1998,
    2drs. My manual refers me to the dealership for the re-programming. I
    encountered somewhere on the web that for some honda civics you have to
    hold a button between AM/FM and CD/tape and do something with the
    keyless remote at the same time. I can't find this again.
    3) Any other ways to determine the cause of the problem?

    P.S. I completly trust my friend - anyway the mileage was the same.

    I don't feel like paying hundred bucks for a stupid diagnostic at the
    dealership if the problem is at the surface. I'm sure someone had a
    similar problem.

    maxikworld, Jul 15, 2006
  2. Go to the EBSCOHost Research Databases

    on this page:

    Log in and find the page that describes EVERY remote that Honda ever
    sold in the North American market. It's about a twenty page PDF.

    Try the instructions.....

    BTW, I'd disconnect the battery for 30 seconds just to 'reboot' the
    Civic, and THEN reprogram the fobs. (you own at least TWO, right??)

    'Curly Q. Links', Jul 15, 2006
  3. maxikworld

    maxikworld Guest

    The problem is RESOLVED! :) I checked the honda forum and resolved the

    There are two different ways how to re-program keyless remote:

    1) Honda Civic 1996-98: (rarely discussed)

    2) Honda Civic 1999-2000: (discussed more frequently)

    I used the wrong re-programming instructions #2. For my 1998 honda
    civic EX 2drs the first instructions #1 worked fine. Hold that narrow
    button between the AM/FM and CD/Tape buttons for about 3-7 seconds
    before the locks cycle and don't release it before you finishe the
    re-programming procedure.

    It looks like that after two weeks my AM/FM receiver flashed its memory
    about registered keyless remotes for an unknown reason.

    It's really weird. Anyway it worked and I'm happy.



    I really hate companies who write in its manuals: if you need to
    re-program a keyless remote, please contact a local dealer. It really
    pisses me off: what's the hack: it is really easy -- don't be griddy -
    put that information into the manual. Another issue -- a lot of
    companies cut off features of cell phones not to let you directly
    download pictures to your laptop, disable bluetooth modem to make you
    buy their on PCMCIA device for $150-200. You have to browse the web to
    find a way how to hack it or re-program or activate.

    It is everywhere. It's not right: you pay money, they cheat you and
    make you bound to their expensive services.
    maxikworld, Jul 15, 2006
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