just bought a 2003 crv lx and need some info

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by bugg, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. bugg

    bugg Guest

    i know i am not doint womankind any favors by exposing my ignorance
    but here goes. i bought a crv 2003 lx a week ago today. i bought it
    because it is absolutely the most beautiful thing i have ever seen and
    yes i look cute in it and it feels nice to be way up there. After
    driving it for a week i love it even more and figured it would be a
    good thing to know a little about what i bought. the last car i
    bought was a mitsubishi space wagon (expo i think it is called in the
    states) i serviced her once and blew her engine seven years later....

    anyway what is vtec and would does it do. what is the auto lock i
    hear everyone talking about? what type of gas and oil should i feed
    her? whats the best tires (i dont mean monster truck type) to put on
    her? what does torque mean?

    help me out guys...and please idiot proof the language so i dont get
    lost...and yes i know that these are questions that should be asked
    before buying the car and not after but i figured i could not go wrong
    with honda and could find out how everything comes together later.

    thanks a bunch
    bugg, Jul 16, 2003
  2. bugg

    Sean Dinh Guest

    1. VTEC - 2 cam profiles on a single cam. It extend the torque range. It
    make a little bit wider power range.
    2. Auto lock - either the car automatic locks the door when it's moving,
    or a lock company.
    3. Oil - Mobil 1 Synthetic. Change it once a year, or 10000 miles. You
    should see how clean my engine is at 165k miles.
    4. Buy the cheapest gas that the engine can run.
    5. Torque is force tangent to a rod, in lb*ft. In an engine, it's how much
    the crank shaft capable of rotating. It does not meant much. To a redneck,
    it's the holy grail.
    Sean Dinh, Jul 16, 2003
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