Is the Honda CRV a womans car mainly?

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by alfred, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. alfred

    alfred Guest

    I had a used VW and a used Pontiac, still same nightmare with both, NO MORE
    USED period. I like new cars and I like hondas.

    What Ira
    Well the thing is that I don't really want the civic, its too small for me,
    too cramped. I'm not a giant but I like space and comfort and a more
    comfortable ride. I'm 41 so fun is not a major thing to consider, more the
    comfort, performance and safety.

    But if you want a new
    Yes I like cars every three years, I've been leasing a while now. I'm on my
    4th lease.
    Its too bad Jeep is that bad, they are nice looking cars, its funny since I
    heard Chrysler was decent and they use their engines in some of the Jeeps. I
    know Fords are the pits and thats off my list thats for sure. You can't go
    wrong with Honda or Toyota.

    alfred, Oct 21, 2007
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  2. alfred

    Tony Harding Guest

    I've read all the responses to you Alfred, and everyone is being very
    civil towards your idiotic statements.

    Not me. You are an idiot. It's a big woman's car?[/QUOTE]

    Is this a fat joke??!!

    Joanne Worley
    Tony Harding, Oct 22, 2007
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  3. alfred

    Tony Harding Guest

    I could use a hummer, that's for sure, Squire, it's been weeks!

    M Python
    Tony Harding, Oct 22, 2007
  4. alfred

    Josh S Guest

    Buying a one year old leased car can be a very good deal.
    My current '95 Chrysler was a one year lease with only 7k miles on it.
    I saved 23% and that one year doesn't affect it's value at 10 yrs.
    Absolutely no problems came with it and it's still running strong, but
    I'm well beyond my max. 10 yr plan, but not happy with what I see out
    Josh S, Oct 24, 2007
  5. alfred

    Ford? Guest

    The Ford Fusion has been very reliable so far.
    Honda has a higher recent reliability than Toyota.
    Toyota is losing a bit of reliability due to them increasing their
    production too fast.
    Ford?, Oct 24, 2007
  6. alfred

    Ford? Guest

    I just looked at the 2008 Accord. Very nice car, my size of car.
    I would get the 4 cyl auto.

    Unfortunately it failed one of my musts- capability of handling a full
    size spare. For me that makes it a city car only. I need the matching
    spare for my long distance winter highway driving to the ski hills.
    Even in the summer stowing a full sized flat tire may present a bit of a

    The new Civic looks like it will handle a full size spare, but the Civic
    is just slightly too small and low for my needs.
    Ford?, Oct 24, 2007
  7. What model of Crapsler do you have? And how many miles on it? Needless to
    say, you have been extremely lucky with it. Crapslers have never had a
    reputation for reliability.

    Also keep in mind that you will not save anywhere near 23% on a 1-year old
    Honda that comes off a lease.
    High Tech Misfit, Oct 24, 2007
  8. Sorry, but it hasn't been around long enough to judge long-term reliability.
    Let's wait until it's been around for 5 or more years. The fact that it's
    made in Mexico is also cause for concern.

    Toyota does admit to their problems and works to fix them, though. Honda is
    usually good for that too.
    High Tech Misfit, Oct 24, 2007
  9. alfred

    ACAR Guest

    Toyota's taking a lot of heat for that transmission problem they fixed
    My daughter has had more issues with her 2004 Accord than we expected.
    Although I like the way Honda cars drive, I consider Toyota more
    reliable and less expensive to own over the long (200,000 miles or
    more) haul.
    My sample is small (just the cars I've owned for 200,000 miles; 2
    Hondas, 1 Toyota) so YMMV.
    ACAR, Oct 24, 2007
  10. alfred

    who Guest

    I do see more women driving the previous CR-V, but the new bug like one
    seems to have more men drivers.

    The Jeep Patriot has a similar drive train to the Caliper and Compass.
    The Caliper came out about 2 years ago and I've not heard of problems.
    The advanced engine design was done by several companies, including
    Mercedes and Hyundai. The CV Transmission is from Nissan.

    Some Patriot info here:
    who, Oct 24, 2007
  11. alfred

    Dave L Guest

    Ok, so you've had bad experiences with used cars. Understandable. But a
    Ford, VW and Pontiac as used? No comment.
    Ok, so scratch the Civic. The Accord will fit nicely to your prerequisites.
    Ok - that's a way to go. But you'd be able to afford more car if you
    considered buying and hanging onto one for a while, even if it meant a
    little more maintenance costs.
    You can still go wrong with any car. Odds are stacked more against you on
    certain makes/models.

    Dave L, Oct 25, 2007
  12. alfred

    Josh S Guest

    The LH car Concorde 1995 3.3L 83k miles. Also came as the Intrepid and
    Vision. My only significant problem has been the air conditioner; a well
    known problem. Chrysler extended the warranty on it to 7 years and
    repaired mine 3 times, totally at their expense. Most of the problem
    was the heat exchanger leaking, they finally were successful as it has
    now been perfectly OK for 6 years.
    The 3.3L engine is noted as being rock solid, mine is as new. The
    transmission has an expected life of about 200k miles before repair,
    again mine is as new. The body doesn't rust even with my winter driving
    on salt and gravel to the ski hills and the interior wears very slowly,
    in fact the always used drivers seat is as new.

    The Concorde is a tough car to leave, because I love driving it. The
    handling is first class, sports car handling hidden in a family sedan.
    Few cars I have driven come close to it's handling and this with it's
    original shocks and springs. I don't baby it either.
    I owned several European and Japanese cars some years ago, so a car with
    excellent handling is very important to me.

    No I'm not lucky with my Concorde's reliability. I have a friend who has
    his father's 1994 that now has 144k miles, still no significant
    problems. Another friend with a '96 that is also solid as a rock.
    The 3.3L engine is still used in the Vans.
    In a smaller city a few years ago I saw a '96 that was still giving good
    service as a taxi. I'd love to have seen the mileage on it.

    Chrysler did have serious problems with the very advanced auto
    transmission in the early 90s, the first several years. By about 1994
    they got it right and problems since then have probably been people
    using the incorrect oil and not maintaining it frequently enough.
    Other manufacturers now have similar automatics and correct maintenance
    (lubrication & flushing) is also very important for them.

    Chrysler has had some problem engines since 1980, but to my knowledge
    all were designed by foreign manufacturers. Some troublesome Chrysler
    engines I know about are:
    -The VW 4 cly in the early FWD Chrysler cars, which had the VW valve
    seal problem. Chrysler honored the class action lawsuit filed on this
    problem, before VW did.
    -The Mitsubishi 4 cyl and V6 which burned significant oil far too soon.
    -The 2.7L V6, a very high performance engine designed by Mitsubishi,
    which needs synthetic oil and/or more frequent changes to counter sludge
    build up. Other manufacturers of recent design high performance engines
    also have had a sludge problem, one being the Toyota V6.

    I'm looking for a slightly smaller, more fuel efficient car in city
    driving. The 4 cyl Accord meets that objective, but the lack of full
    sized spare capability kills it for me.
    The CR-V could meet my needs, but it's too expensive in Canada.
    See below on the Honda pricing problem.
    I realize that is true now. Hardly worth buying a used one eh.

    You reminded me of a friend of mine asking me to help her decide on
    either a new Honda or Taurus way back in 1993. She preferred the Taurus,
    but was concerned when the Honda salesman told her that when one year
    old the Honda would be worth far more than the Taurus. That was very
    true because a high percentage of Taurus's were being leased for 1 year,
    flooding the market with 1 year old Taurus's.
    When she asked my opinion I asked her how long she planned to keep her
    new car. She said at least "10 years". My answer was "the difference
    when they are both 10 years old will be very small". She bought the
    Taurus and is still getting good service out of it, 15 tears later.

    I'm in Canada where Honda is "tops" in keeping their Canadian prices in
    the past, using a very outdated exchange rate. The USA & CDN $s are
    similar now, actually the CDN$ has moved above the USA$ in the last few
    weeks, yet Honda is unwilling to lower CDN prices. The CR-V in CDA is a
    huge 35% above the USA price. A 10% premium over the USA prices would be
    on target. Many other manufacturers have been lowering their Canadian
    prices as the USA$ drops, but Honda having a low volume and selling well
    has been able to rip off Canadians.
    I can see the Honda sales rate here changing recently, a dealer storage
    lot near me is almost full with the more expensive Honda models.

    CDNs are increasingly buying cars in the USA and I notice this is
    dropping the price of other vehicles and even some used Hondas faster
    than previously. I know a CR-V buyer who is going buy in the USA.
    I understand Honda is acting illegally, according to NAFTA, in stating
    they won't honor the warranty in Canada for new Hondas bought in the
    USA. I'm sure eventually they will be forced to by our Government to
    adjust their CDN prices, then the fast drop in Honda new prices will
    Used Honda prices will be sure follow this downward price movement; not
    nice for those who bought too high and trade frequently.
    I wouldn't buy a Honda now, but would lease if the terms are reasonable.
    Josh S, Oct 25, 2007
  13. alfred

    xkylxiii Guest

    check out all japan used cars in this site, so cheap and nice ---
    xkylxiii, Oct 30, 2007
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