is honda fit too slow?

Discussion in 'Fit' started by peter, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. peter

    peter Guest

    I'm interested in small cars that can haul lots of stuff and gets good gas
    The honda fit seems to fit the bill. However, 0-60mph performance is rated
    at 12 seconds, which is way slower than average. Does the car have trouble
    going up a steep hill or merging into freeway? Most review I read about this
    car did not mention anything about the slow engine.
    peter, Jun 18, 2007
  2. peter

    isquat Guest

    the stick shift version reviewed by c&d did 0-60 sprint in 8.5 sec.
    Unless the gearing was bastardized since then it should be around
    that mark. I think even crap like prius does 0-60 in less than 12.
    dunno about automatic though. It might be slower some.
    which engine? us gets only 1.5 liter which should be plenty good
    with the current gearing, maybe if smaller engine arrive
    here they'd come up with tall gearing to compete with the
    shitboxes from toyoda?
    isquat, Jun 18, 2007
  3. peter

    hman7 Guest

    It depends on whether you have a manual or an automatic transmission -
    response is very different. I have a manual and it is adequate for
    freeway merging and for climbing hills, and overall mileage is 41
    hman7, Jun 18, 2007
  4. I bought a 5 five speed manual transmission Sport Fit about 10 days ago.
    Consumer Reports recommended the manual trans. over the automatic because of
    the slower performance of the auto. I am really pleased with both the
    performance and the economy of the 5 speed. I drove up to the summit of Mt.
    Wilson (5,710 feet elevation) just to test how in would perform in
    mountainous terrain. I was more than satisfied. I knew it would not climb
    in 5th gear, as the ratio is .757 (if my memory is correct), but 4th gear
    was excellent for both the ascent and the descent.

    As for freeway merges, that has not been a problem at all, in fact, it seems
    to perform much better than the size of its engine would dictate.

    Besides having greater fuel economy, and better performance, the 5 speed is
    more fun to drive, IMHO.

    Robert A. Cunningham
    Robert A. Cunningham, Jun 18, 2007
  5. peter

    sapper Guest

    I have an Automatic Sport. The engine does want to downshift when
    going steep uphills, but it is nothing much -- best mileage has been
    44 on freeway, part AC on. In city it consistently does way over 33
    mpg including in winter.
    I have noticed no inability to merge with traffic at highway speeds.
    I do know that it is not a pocket rocket - but for the mileage I have
    no complaints. My only complaint is that my wife likes to drive it
    for her long commute and I get stuck driving a bigger vehicle.
    sapper, Jun 18, 2007
  6. I found a Fit that was turbo-charged and it actually didnt hurt gas
    mileage by very much. I'll have to find the link somewhere.
    Private Private, Jun 19, 2007
  7. peter

    isquat Guest

    you'd prefer that she wastes gas doing it the other way around?
    a coworker of mine complained that a wife of his insisted on
    suv. now he's divorced and is still paying for that P.O.S. of hers.
    not sure who pays for gas. as for the "stuck" part: can't
    you trade in for a mini or wait for a bmw 1? Then there is a very
    polished by now civic si. yumm, so many choices, some affordable.
    there's too little time in life to waste driving boring pieces of
    isquat, Jun 19, 2007
  8. peter

    DAB Guest

    I have had mine for a auto and it is very peepy around town, no
    problems up hills....but merging onto a highway takes planning cause yes it
    is slow.
    DAB, Jun 20, 2007
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