I have replaced the CRV TPS 3xs

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by dschez, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. dschez

    dschez Guest

    I have a 99 CRV and the codes PO122 TPS..which is connected to the
    Throttle body, great!! a whole T body is around $600.00. So I go on
    line and find several second hand part dealers for a fraction of the
    cost..the problem is that I have put on 3 plus my own and they all
    read low input (one was just all over the place)??? Could this be a
    wiring/electrical-connectors problem that the diagnostics @ the local
    shop can not determine? should I go to the dealer?? & where is this
    rplacement fuse to reset the memory, indeed if the PCM needs to be
    reset from memory?/ Is it the radio/backup fuse?? I am out of
    answers..how about taking the rivets out and replacing the TPS w/
    another sensor..calibration might be (A PROBLEM) only preformed @ the
    dealership..I am thinking?? Feedback is greatly appreciated!
    dschez, Mar 7, 2007
  2. dschez

    Tegger Guest

    wrote in @q40g2000cwq.googlegroups.com:

    Have you bothered checking any of the voltages for the TPS wires?
    Do you get 5V at the feed wire?
    What's your voltage range (full-closed to full-open) on the variable wire?

    Any pinched wires anywhere? Corroded connectors?

    Vehicle ever been in a frontal collision?

    What's your battery's state-of-charge?

    When did this start, and are there any other sym,ptoms other than the
    P-ZERO-122 error?
    Tegger, Mar 8, 2007
  3. dschez

    dschez Guest

    NO I have not checked any of the voltages, I am aware that I must have
    a certain meter/devise (voltmeter??) in order to assess that
    properly..possibly the dealership, however I am afraid they are going
    to hit me w/ a new Throttle Body? maybe someone that handles imports
    in my area?

    No infraction in the wiring that I or my mechanic has noticed, but I
    might need to follow the electrical wiring harness more thoroughly (to
    the back of intake manifold etc.)..ALSO everytime my mechanic change
    each one (T body), he did not disconnect the neg. battery cable??
    don't know if this a factor (memory)???

    no collision that I know of? and the batt. chg seems ok but I have not
    ck it to see if it has a certain voltage output? is there a certain
    chg. that should be established that would affect the TPS if the car
    seems to be running @/about full/good chg. (radio, dash, lights,
    interior & exterior seem to be OK??? )

    It started about 2.5wks ago when the ck engine light came on and
    transmission. was dragging some, not switching timely...I got the code
    that indicated PCM malfunction low-voltage Pzero 122 from autozone and
    then went to my mechanic, and clearedit. I did a transmission flush
    and then shortly after that (5-6days) it came back w/ the transmission
    not switching gears properly, they were not switching from 2-3-4
    properly, alittle @ first and then it got progressively worst and each
    one I replaced was worst then my orginal it seemed?? the one I have
    know is alittle better than the last, but not much!

    Some of the voltage ranges have been very little to very very slow to
    progress w/ full throttle??

    Could the 3 that I got used all be bad?? or is there another
    issue...I do think alot of points you mentioned are good self-
    diagnostic measures to try an establish before I go any further..but
    what next?? could the PCM have a problem? how can someone determined
    that? might one have to ck the service connectors w/ a jumper wire??
    eeeeek do I want to do this?? or will a dealer/honda authorized shop
    be a better choice..will they give it to me straight??? THX!!
    dschez, Mar 8, 2007
  4. dschez

    jim beam Guest

    ok, let's be clear - whatever you've replaced 3 of, it's not the
    throttle position sensor [tps]. because to do that, you'd have to
    remove the "rivets" [which are actually shear head bolts].

    so, whatever it is that you /are/ doing, is not fixing the problem so
    stop doing it! start testing to find the real problem. you'll need a
    multimeter and some plug tools to check all the circuitry.
    jim beam, Mar 8, 2007
  5. dschez

    dschez Guest

    YES I replaced 3 throttle body parts-which inturn is the replacement
    of the TPS. The code is coming up TPS low input.

    Yes I can take out the rivets but honda has made it where it is one
    unit, throttle body-w/ TPS on the body so unless I can find a way to
    get a working sensor w/out the body???which honda does not make. I'll
    end up paying for the whole part. I CAN GET THE bolts off..it is
    actually just a shear head screw..screws right in, but the TPS does
    not come separate unless you know of an after market sensor that will
    fit and not have to be calibrated i am not going to able to fix it
    that way.

    I am leaning toward the fact that I have replaced it 3x and it is
    still malfunctioning-low voltage readings,
    so testing the electrical components is where I will go next, THX!
    dschez, Mar 8, 2007
  6. dschez

    jim beam Guest

    i don't understand. first you say you replaced "3 throttle body parts",
    whatever parts they may be, then you say you didn't because of the
    calibration issue. maybe you replaced the whole throttle body 3 times,
    but given your bitching about price i doubt that too. you're not making
    any sense.

    bottom line, you posted here before, you were told what to do, and now
    here you are again months later saying you don't want to do it. maybe
    you'll do it if you pay someone to give you that advice instead? i
    charge $200 per hour, minimum 4 hours. $2,000 per hour if you want to
    argue about it. or go to the dealer like you should have done ages ago
    if you don't have the skill/tools/inclination to do the job yourself.
    jim beam, Mar 8, 2007
  7. dschez

    dschez Guest

    "maybe you replaced the whole throttle body 3 times" >>>>>>give the
    boy a cookie!!

    ASSHOLE this was my first day on this site!!

    "bottom line, you posted here before",.NEVER have I been on here
    before,so ck yourself before u make foolish statements.

    Dumbass I bought the whole throttle body used online more than once,
    (READ THE POST) sent it back for full refund, order another (some
    other place) & then they sent out a 2nd one @ the other parts
    place...the TPS in on the part...so before you get on here to give
    anyone else advise..grab urself for a ck! grow up! no one wants your
    smartass comments! if you don't have anything useful to say shut-up...
    $ 200 hr HAHAHA!!! toot ur on horn-nobody cares!

    THX to the ones that gave good grounded information that I can trouble
    dschez, Mar 8, 2007
  8. dschez

    jim beam Guest

    have it your way dude. you've just closed the door on one of the few
    people here that has experience on resolving this exact problem.
    jim beam, Mar 8, 2007
  9. dschez

    Tegger Guest

    wrote in

    They certainly would "give it straight" more cheaply than you did buying
    three throttle bodies.

    Sorry to say, but you are out of your element here. You have done
    everything as wrongly as you could possibly have done, and showed the worst
    possible judgement you could have.

    If you do not possess a multimeter (or even know what one is), then you are
    not qualified to tackle diagnosis or repair of this problem.

    And if your mechanic did all this work without disconnecting the battery
    negative cable, then he is STUPID and INCOMPETENT. He has likely damaged
    other things with his butchery.

    To check the TPS is simplicity itself. You backprobe the three wires one by
    one and make sure you get a steady +5V and one, almost nothing at the
    second, and a smoothly variable voltage from about .3V to about 4.5V at the
    third. If you get these results, the TPS is FINE and you need to look
    elsewhere for the source of the problem.

    P0122 has nothing to do with the transmission. AZ's text descriptions are
    usually wrong.

    You have NO idea if the battery is fully charged unless you use a
    multimeter and the correct checking procedure. 12V is NOT "fully charged".

    Take this thing to the dealer, and be prepared for being scolded (and
    impoverished) for having damaged lots of other stuff in your misguided
    attempts at uninformed repair.

    Finally, jim beam has some good advice to offer here. If this is your first
    time in this group and you are cavalier enough to insult him, that's your
    loss. When you're new, you should act politely until you know what's going
    Tegger, Mar 8, 2007
  10. dschez

    dschez Guest

    Yeah, maybe I was alittle testy, but individuals come to the site to
    display their concerns whether skilled/unskilled & do not expect
    talented people to mistreat them on basic info. that is being sketched-
    out & attainable/already posted.

    "and you are cavalier enough to insult him" door swings bothways. (I
    realize he is not interested in my advice)

    Facts are seems as JB does have some skillsets..(just ckd momentarily,
    don't know if it is all bike related, but it does seem from the
    profile,that there is abundance of talent there?/) constructive info.
    from this individual might have been helpful,but....

    The $ was not that much online, the fact that they were used parts, is
    the problem. The mechanic, which is very skilled, has acted
    erroneously by not disconnecting the neg. batt.-not sure of his
    thinking, but not thinking it was a major issue w/ other electrical
    components is my best guess? why?? don't know? i'll ask. Hope that
    does not burn me.

    "but you are out of your element here".Yes this is a complex issue
    for individuals that don't know where to look/have the skillset to
    start the process..I agree w/ that statement.

    "You have done everything as wrongly as you could possibly have done."
    That I left the mechanical apptitude in the hands of someone I trust
    concerning automotives, no I do not think that was wrong, but my honda
    may suffer for it, possibly.

    "showed the worst possible judgement you could have." By purchasing 3
    throttle bodies, returning one for refund & still have two for the $
    of one????..no.YES I should address other issues now. Worst judgement-
    no thats why I came here. Statements concerning assistance on this
    matter...I covered that...I agree

    I will try aother & other mechanics/resistance measures/voltage.
    dschez, Mar 8, 2007
  11. dschez

    Dave Kelsen Guest


    you do tend to assume a lot in your statements and replies; doesn't
    bother me personally, but you should take the time to remember that some
    are noobs to the diagnostic game, some are noobs to usenet, and some are
    just noobs.

    You might wanna give 'em a break. Or not.

    Dave Kelsen
    Dave Kelsen, Mar 8, 2007
  12. dschez

    Tegger Guest

    wrote in

    This isn't a "site". It's Usenet.

    You sure don't. Why don't you try just quietly lurking here for a while
    to find out who knows what. THEN spout off.

    Nobody here has a "profile", except those who see these messages through
    their Web browser and think it's a message board.

    ....but you were too quick on the draw, and not at all mindful of your
    place as a newbie among the cognoscenti. Children should be seen and not

    Grow a thicker skin while you're at it. How many times do you want to
    cut off your nose to spite your face?
    Tegger, Mar 9, 2007
  13. dschez

    dschez Guest

    Why don't you try just quietly lurking here...
    I am not hear to hangout, trying to establish some value in some CRV
    issues..thats it..that all

    This isn't a "site". It's Usenet.
    LETS not get to technical???

    Nobody here has a "profile", except those who see these messages
    YES they have one if they choose to write one, otherwise you can see
    others activity and make an opinion about skills & knowledge, to some

    Your child comment is noted as simpleminded

    Grow a thicker skin while you're at it. How many times do you want to
    Not sure where u are headed w/ that?? I did not say anything
    unwarranted, I was just trying to gather some info.
    dschez, Mar 9, 2007
  14. dschez

    lkreh Guest

    Did I accidentally turn to Oprah or is this still a car board?
    lkreh, Mar 9, 2007
  15. dschez

    E Meyer Guest

    More like Joe and the Volcano. The sacred gurus on high have been offended,
    and now someone has to be sacrificed into the volcano to appease them.
    E Meyer, Mar 9, 2007
  16. dschez

    Tegger Guest

    But is the OP a virgin? If he is not, the volcano gods will be angry and
    will wreak havoc, taxes and municipal zoning laws upon the world.

    OP has been given by me the very best advice I can give; I have not
    withheld anything and have no more to offer. jim beam on the other hand,
    does have more to offer, but has his nose out of joint on account of OP's
    insubordination and has clammed up (note to self: clams do not have noses).

    Now, how can we bring these two combatants together in a spirit of love and
    reconciliation? Do we need to involve female elementary schoolteachers, or
    can we do this on our own?
    Tegger, Mar 10, 2007
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