I have 6 years old car (Honda accord), cheque engine light on, what was the reason?

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Santa, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. Santa

    Santa Guest

    My 6 year old Honda Accord getting "Cheque engine" light on, does
    anybody have any idea, what will be the reason, I am getting this
    since last two months, so far no problem, I took it to my dealer, he
    said they don't have computer diagnostic facility, he referred me to
    some other place, they charges $100 bucks for that. Any idea?. Thanks
    in advance.
    Santa, Nov 6, 2004
  2. Santa

    Caroline Guest

    Take it to an Autozone store. They should read what the code is that
    caused the "Check Engine Light" to come on for no charge.

    Other discount auto parts stores often offer the same, free service.
    E.g. maybe Checker and Carquest.
    Caroline, Nov 6, 2004
  3. Santa

    John Ings Guest

    First off, reset it and see if it comes back on. Could have been a
    loose gas cap


    Also, have you changed your timing belt yet?
    John Ings, Nov 6, 2004
  4. Santa

    Delpie Guest

    My check engine light turned out to be an O2 Sensor

    1994 Integra 200,000 miles
    Delpie, Nov 6, 2004
  5. Santa

    Santa Guest

    I did check the gas cap, gas cap was very tight. any other clues?. Thanks.
    Santa, Nov 7, 2004
  6. Santa

    BBTACO Guest

    Is it the V6? Honda has an extended warranty on the emissions system for
    the 98 and 99 year Accord V6 (80,000 miles or 8 years) on the egr valve and
    unplugging a port in the intake manifold that gets clogged up with carbon.
    If you have an Autozone store near you. They will read the code that is
    stored for free.
    BBTACO, Nov 7, 2004
  7. Santa

    Rick Guest

    Not just the V6.....Honda replaced the catalytic converter on my 99 Accord
    EX 4 cyl under this 8 year/80,000 mile emission extended warranty. The
    check engine light code was P204 I believe.
    Rick, Nov 7, 2004
  8. Santa

    Nick Guest

    It appears that you still have not done what another previous poster
    stated. You need to reset you check engine light and see if the light
    comes back on again. To do this, disconnect the battery for about a
    minute and then re-conect. If this is an EX model, you will need to
    have the radio code handy otherwise your radio will not work after you
    do this.

    Also for $100, the cost of the place you were referring to, you can
    buy the actual scanner for that price at PepBoys or Autozone.

    Nick, Nov 9, 2004
  9. Santa

    Santa Guest


    I took my car to autozone, they read my code P1457, when they enter
    this code, their computer says, unavailable data. They don't know what
    is this code, thay says, might be some air in the gas pipe. After that
    they erased this code, now I can't see this "check engine" light. If I
    take it to inspection, whether those guys can easily read this code by
    doing emission test right?.

    But anybody have any idea, what is that code?. thanks.
    Santa, Nov 9, 2004
  10. Santa

    Caroline Guest

    Googling for {P1457 code Honda} yields a number of hits that say for a
    1998 Honda this is an Evaporative Emission Control System Leak
    Detected (Control Canister System). See for example

    Like John Ings said, this apparently can be set off by simply a loose
    gas cap. See for example http://www.all-acura.com/ftopict-689.html

    But it could be other things.

    I'm surprised the dealer couldn't diagnose this. My understanding is
    they get a lot of people coming in with Check Engine Lights and the
    cause is simply a loose gas cap.

    Check your owner's manual for the proper way to tighten the gas cap. I
    know you said you tightened it properly, but if the light does not
    come back, then I wouldn't sweat this.

    Remember, the CEL won't go off just because you corrected the
    condition. You have to reset the computer to get the light off. You
    should be able to do this by disconnecting the battery's negative
    terminal wire, as others here have said. Check your owner's manual for
    Caroline, Nov 9, 2004
  11. Santa

    Santa Guest

    I did reset my CEL. But if I take my car for inspection, will it
    pass?. I spspect their Emission test can detect this?.
    Santa, Nov 10, 2004
  12. My car does the same, I have a 98 accord Ex.
    I know that some people claim it can be time for a tune-up. If your car was
    in a previous accident it could mean that there was a pipe that was not
    replaced. Maybe you need to change your catalaic converter.Or something
    related to your exhaust.
    If I were you, I would reset it, I know my check engine light came on.
    however, the car runs very good, and very quiet/smooth! I have had 4
    different drivers test it, and mechanics look at it, and it's fine! Very
    These cars are good for over 300,000km's If It ain't broken then don't worry
    about it!
    Remember the O2 sensors are all over the car and it could mean alot of
    problems. So I wouldn't waste my time with it.
    stylesandsmiles, Nov 10, 2004
  13. Santa

    E. Meyer Guest

    If you reset the CEL, the code has also been erased. It will not come up
    any more unless it is triggered by a new fault. The inspection people will
    not see the old code.

    Of course, that does not guarantee it will pass...
    E. Meyer, Nov 10, 2004
  14. Santa

    Santa Guest

    I took it to dealer, they says:

    1) "Evap Canister Vent Shut Valve" replacement has to be done - labor
    $220 and parts $140 (Canister set and W-Valve)

    2) "Converter shield" replacement - labor $90 and parts $60.

    Totally $500 bugs, car runs fine and smooth, what to do?.
    Santa, Nov 10, 2004
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