I feel the need for speed. (swap/turbo) QUESTIONS ABOUT MY 93 DELSOL

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Private Private, May 19, 2007.

  1. I have a stock 93 del sol Si with the SOHC D16z6 vtec w/ 60k miles in
    near mint condition. Needless to say its slower than Id like it to be
    and everybody and there grandmother wanna race the little red rocket
    with a wing, but Im tired of getting spanked by mini vans and the
    like..Im considering a swap. Edelbrock makes a nice turbo kit for my
    little econo d16z6 . Should I just turbo it? Or just do an engine swap?
    Maybe a b16a3 , b18c1 or b18c5?? All motor? Im scared of turbo because
    I lost my 1990 supra to overboost . But I hear that Honda engines are
    pretty good with boost w/proper tuning But Id rather go all motor b18c5
    ,for reliablity issue. What would you do? Im scared to do a swap,
    because what if i get a 100K mile piston scared oil burning swap of a
    crapper? Help ..sincerly horsepowerless.
    Private Private, May 19, 2007
  2. Private Private

    jim beam Guest

    1. nobody races a del sol - ask yourself why.
    2. acceleration is a function of power/weight. use a lightweight
    vehicle - you'll go faster. 89 civic, 88/89 crx are the best. see point 1.
    3. nothing personal, but in my experience, there's a bunch of "wannabe"
    honda rice boys have no idea how to get their motor to put out the
    juice. too low revs. if you want to go fast, hondas only put out
    anything of interest above 4krpm. get that thing bouncing off the red
    line and you'll find it's faster than a minivan. no kidding, my 89
    civic is bone stock and up to about 60, and i've hardly /ever/ been
    dusted by a rice boy - because they usually shift way too early.

    bottom line, sell the del sol. if it's stock, it'll get you more than
    enough to buy an 89 and substantial mods.

    jim beam, May 19, 2007
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