How To Replace Burned Out Headlight - Civic 2001 LX

Discussion in 'Civic' started by mahadragon, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. mahadragon

    mahadragon Guest

    I wanted to help those who are like me. People who have: 1) lost their
    manual and don't want to take out a small loan to buy a replacement 2)
    have burned out light bulbs 3) are cheap and don't want to pay someone
    to do it 4) have looked online and haven't been able to find any

    This may apply to Honda Civic's for 2001 through 2004, but I'm not
    sure. I can only speak for my 2001 Civic LX. I may add pictures later
    (if people ask or need).

    Btw - this is not an official way to do things. The manual may say
    something different, and I may be omitting some steps that may be
    important, but if you just want to get the job done this instructional
    may provide at least some confidence.

    I have found the driver's side headlamp to be the easiest one to
    replace. There's a small bottle that stands in the way. It may be
    steering fluid or transmission fluid of some sort. Just lift it up and
    out of the way and turn it so you can access the small area behind the

    You'll see a black round rubbery flange type of covering (approx 4-5"
    wide) with a black squarish rectangular plastic box (a little over an
    inch wide) with wires attached to it in the center. Make sure your
    headlights are turned off. Pull the black rectangular plastic box off
    first. This is the plug to the headlamp.

    Next pull off the black rubber thing. This is the cover and insulation
    to the headlamp. Next is the tricky part. There's a round metal wire
    that goes around the lamp. It's job is to secure the headlamp in place
    and make sure it doesn't rattle around when driving. It kind of hangs
    on one or two tiny little clips. Pull the round wire upwards and lift
    it over the clip(s). Then you can pull the wire away and down from the

    Btw - I usually use the Sylvania cool blue type of headlamp. It can be
    found at Kragen's for around $13 per bulb part number 9003. I don't
    like the totally blue ones because my eyes don't seem to respond well
    to the blue light.

    Once the wire is out of the way the bulb is easy to remove. Put the
    new bulb in, but try not to touch it with your fingertips as I've been
    told oils from your fingers can drastically shorten the bulb's life.
    Check the appearance of the bulb as it rests inside the housing. It
    should appear like the bulb on the opposite side. There are three tabs
    on the bulb. One tab should be facing straight up and the other two
    tabs should be facing downwards at near 45 degree angles.

    The bulbs I just replaced in my car (both) were only used for about 3
    months so apparently I got really crappy life out of both (neither
    were replaced by me).

    After putting the new bulb in and making sure it is oriented
    correctly, pull the wire up and around the bulb. You will notice that
    the wire has the ability to completely retract below the headlamp
    housing so it may have hidden itself down below while you were futzing
    around with the headlamp. Just pull it back out so you can pull it
    over the headlamp and onto the clips again.

    Put the black rubber thing over the assembly and secure it. Then take
    the three pronged plug (black rectangular box with the wires attached)
    and secure it to the three prongs sticking out of the black rubber. If
    you don't see three metal prongs sticking out, then you have to
    reposition the black rubber thing so that the plugs of the headlamp
    are coming through the center hole of the black rubber.

    Turn your headlights on to see if it works. Now make sure you take the
    little bottle of steering fluid/transmission fluid (whatever) and put
    it back in place so when you close the hood it won't get in the way.

    Congratulations: You're finished! Do the same with the other side. The
    other side may be easier to work with depending on each person. As far
    as I know there's nothing to remove to get access to the rear side.
    Just get in there and do your thing.
    mahadragon, Nov 17, 2007
  2. mahadragon

    MaryEBraz Guest

    Just had to change the driver's side light on my 2001 Honda Civic
    today. This post helped so much.

    MaryEBraz, Nov 28, 2007
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