How to remove 04 Civic door panel?

Discussion in 'Civic' started by VW, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. VW

    VW Guest

    My new 04 Civic Hybrid has a rattle/buzz in the front passenger door when
    I'm on rough roads or slowing down. Can anyone tell me the steps for
    removing the inside panel so I don't break all the plastic clips? Or other
    VW, Jun 25, 2004
  2. VW

    sjs031 Guest

    Join the club, and take it back to the dealer and have them fix it
    under warranty. Same thing with my wife's 2004 civic.

    sjs031, Jun 26, 2004
  3. VW

    VW Guest

    Thanks for the response. Did they fix it on her car? and is this a problem
    with a lot of Civics? I didn't know if this type of problem that ends up
    with and multiple visits to the dealer. VW
    VW, Jun 27, 2004
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