How to handle service problem?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Rocky, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. Rocky

    Rocky Guest

    I am not happy with the past couple of visits with my dealer.
    I ended up calling the service manager.
    He apologized and gave me a coupon for a free oil change.

    Now I find some of the work was not done correctly.
    I have to call him back on Monday.
    I figure I'll give him one chance to make it right - is that reasonable?
    Rocky, Jan 8, 2006
  2. Rocky

    jmattis Guest

    If you mean that the free oil change was also botched, I would call the
    dealer's attention to it if it could have caused any damage.
    Otherwise, I'd have nothing further to do with them. Giving a
    freebie, as an apology, just isn't an apology if they kick your teeth
    in while they're doing it.
    jmattis, Jan 8, 2006
  3. Rocky

    Elle Guest

    If you can describe the work and what was done incorrectly,
    people here might be able to comment on whether this dealer
    is above or below standards.

    I have found independent shops (Honda or import car
    specialized) to give better service.

    Dealers have done poor work for me in something like 2 out
    of the four times I've used them.
    Elle, Jan 8, 2006
  4. Rocky

    E Meyer Guest

    I would say it depends on what the work was. If it is something important,
    you should insist that they make it right. Don't be surprised if they break
    a couple more things in the process though.

    If it is something inconsequential like a sloppy oil change, just move on
    and don't go back there. In either case, don't go back there for any new
    work. They don't deserve your business.
    E Meyer, Jan 8, 2006
  5. Rocky

    Rocky Guest

    94 civic - I paid to have horns replaced and power window motor replaced,
    antenae replaced $850+- picked up car after service dept closed - 1 of 2
    horns still not working, turn signal on one side not blinking anymore ,
    inner splash shield fell out from inside of bumper cover and got chewed up
    on highway, service writer laugher at me on phone when he saw the damage on
    my car from the previous owner's accidents, but still charged me $84/hr-I
    guess he thought that was funny too, I think that about covers the way a top
    rated local honda dealer feels they have the right to treat me - the service
    manager said I can bring the car in monday so he can look it over.

    the previous visit wit my pilot - they refused to let me make an appt until
    they dumped my call to the parts dept and forced me to order rear rotors, I
    ordered the rear rotors on the condition that if I didn't need then, I
    wouldn;t have to pay for them, they said ok because they could keep them in
    stock for another customer. when the rotors finally came in a week later,
    then I could not get an appt for another week because they were too busy to
    fit me in. keep in mind I wnated the service appt because I had almost had
    an accident because the pilot almost slid on plain show into a busy main
    road as I explained to the service manger, and he gav me a lecture on how
    good pilot awd and abs is...I got a call that nothing is wrong with the
    pilot, pay $65 for oil change and when I went to pay the keys were missing
    at the cashier. the other service writer had kept the keys so he could give
    me a lecture on how good pilot abs is and beg me not to give a bad suvey to
    honda corporate. I am on a tight schedule and bought 2 hondas to get my
    family into the honda reliability, but I didn;t know the local dealer was
    going to be the weak spot in getting them maintained.

    I also explained to the service manager that the a/c was serviced and dye
    put in in late aug/ early sept and I was assured the a/c was fine - within 3
    days, teh a/c lost a lot of it's coooling capacity again. I don't strust
    this dealer to work on my cars any longer and I wonder if I should just cut
    my losses and run from this dealer? They have a fantastic parts dept. they
    are not the cheapest in the area, but they are very responsive. Too bad the
    service writers, mechanices, and service managers are not as dedicated to
    respecting the honda tradition.

    They tried to talk me into timing belt on the pilot at 90k miles - I think I
    will hold off til 105k miles and either do it myself with my son or have my
    gas station do it. There is another honda dealer farther away that I have
    heard good things about, but I don't really want to have to rent a car for a
    Rocky, Jan 15, 2006
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