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    By Dee-Ann Durbin

    /Associated Press/

    DETROIT -- Two Honda vehicles - the Civic sedan and the Ridgeline
    pickup - were chosen as the Car and Truck Of The Year at the North
    American International Auto Show (in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.).

    The awards were presented Sunday, the first day of media previews for
    the show. The show opens to the public Saturday.

    It's the first time in the award's twelve-year history that both
    winners were from the same automaker. The winners were chosen by a
    group of forty-nine full-time automotive journalists from the United
    States and Canada.

    More than fifty cars and trucks were eligible for the 2006 award.
    Finalists had to be new or substantially redesigned from the previous

    The other two finalists for Car Of The Year were the Ford Fusion and
    the Pontiac Solstice.

    The other two finalists for Truck Of The Year were the Ford Explorer
    and Nissan Xterra sport utility vehicles. The Xterra previously won
    Truck Of The Year honors in 2000.

    This is the second major award bestowed on the Civic and Ridgeline.
    Late last year, Motor Trend magazine named the Ridgeline its Truck Of
    The Year and named the Civic its Car Of The Year.

    Motor Trend said the Ridgeline's innovative features set it apart from
    other trucks in it's class, including an 8.5-cubic-foot trunk under the
    pickup's bed and four cargo lamps that illuminate the bed.

    Motor Trend praised the Civic for new styling and technical
    innovations, including more power and better fuel efficiency.

    The Ridgeline went on sale in March. Honda says it expects to reach
    its goal of selling 50,000 Ridgelines in the first twelve months the
    pickup is on sale.

    Civic sales were flat for the year, although they rose in the Fall
    after the new Civic hit showrooms.

    The North American honors have been given annually since 1994. Jurors
    scrutinize each vehicle's design, safety, handling and innovations.
    Judges also consider driver satisfaction and value.

    Last year's Car Of The Year was the Chrysler 300. The Truck Of The
    Year was the Ford Escape Hybrid, the first hybrid sport utility vehicle.

    EL FIN
    Scott, Jan 10, 2006
  2. Scott

    TE Cheah Guest

    2 mechanics in 2 different cities have said toyotas are more trouble free
    than honda , @least in this climate. JD Powers
    found Hyundai sonata as the most reliable car in USA in '04, my buddy
    has sold his CRV & bought a sonata, partly because of this report.
    Honda's *throttle angle sensor & starter switch are not durable, a new *
    costs >US$357 !
    I'll switch to toyota when its super 4ws is available here.
    TE Cheah, Jan 14, 2006
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