Honda Odyssey A/C Filter (Dust and Pollen Filter) Replacement

Discussion in 'Odyssey' started by Hand, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. Hand

    Hand Guest

    Yes, I know this topic has been covered in the past. But I recently
    went through the motions myself and thought I'd pass on some good
    notes for anyone else out there who may want to do this themselves. If
    you'd like some photos, let me know I took plenty!

    1999-2004 Honda Odyssey A/C Filter Replacement (Dust and Pollen Filter

    Unfortunatley, the Honda Owner's manual refers you to your local Honda
    Dealer for replacement of the Dust and Pollen Filter on the 2002 Honda
    Odyssey. They recommend replacing it every 30,000 miles. However, the
    procedure is fairly simple and can be handled by the average
    do-it-yourselfer. The AC Filter Element has a Honda part number of
    80290-S0X-A01 and can be picked up online at your favorite Honda Parts
    site or at your local dealer. I picked mine up at a dealer for a mere

    To replace the filter follow the procedures outline below:
    1. Remove the glove box. This involves the simple procedure of
    removing two screws that attach the glove box to the dash frame on the
    bottom of the glove box. The screw on the right side of the glove box
    is in a crappy location so I had to use an 8mm socket and a pair of
    Robogrip pliers in order to remove the hex head screw. A short 90
    degree angled Philips screwdriver may also work. Once the two screws
    are removed, pull the glove box release button and take it out.
    2. Cut the 18 Inch wide plastic brace that was behind the bottom part
    of the glove box. YES, cut it. It does send chills down your spine
    knowing you have to cut this perfectly good brace but trust me there
    is no way around it and it is not structurally needed. There is a
    metal brace behind it that actually carries the load. Except for maybe
    removing the entire lower dash there is no way of not cutting this
    plastic brace and getting to the filter element! If you have your
    filter changed at the dealer they are going to do the cutting so don't
    worry about it. In order to cut the brace out I used a utility knife
    (Stanley knife) following the lines near the ends of the brace. It
    looked pretty obvious to me where to cut so you'll most likely see it
    2. Remove the metal brace that was behind the plastic brace. With a
    Philips screwdriver remove the two screws holding part of the lower
    dash to the metal brace. Next, remove the two screws that hold the
    brace to the rest of the dash frame. Use an 8mm socket to remove the
    hex head screw on the right. The hex head screw on the left is a bit
    trickier because it is hidden behind the dash. The head of the screw
    faces the back of the vehicle. I used an 8mm closed end box wrench to
    remove it. I loosened it with the wrench then took it out the rest of
    the way with my hands. I small pair of hands helps!
    3. Remove the AC Filter (a.k.a. Dust and Pollen Filter). The filter
    element is held is place by a vertical black plastic cover almost dead
    center in the middle of the hole left by the removal of the glove box.
    It simply locks in place with a clip at the top and bottom of the
    filter box. Just use a flat head screwdriver to pop loose the top and
    bottom tabs. A vacuum with a small hose will come in handy to sweep
    out any extra debris left back in there after the filter is removed.
    Again, the filter is mounted in a vertical position with the two
    "faces" of the filter facing the left and ride sides of the vehicle.
    4. Insert the new filter. Match the "Air Flow" labels on the filter
    box and on the filter element itself. The little black tab that is on
    the filter element will be towards the front/bottom of the filter
    facing the rear of the vehicle. Snap the filter cover back in place
    then you are ready to reassemble.
    5. Re-install the metal brace (4 screws total). Keep in mind that the
    plastic brace is no longer needed and can be thrown out.
    6. Re-install the glovebox (2 screws).
    Hand, Apr 29, 2004
  2. Hand

    Boboy Guest

    I would like to replace my A/C filter but kinda hesitant to cut something
    (like you said about the 18inch wide plastic) somewhere around the globe
    box. You said that you have photos taken, can you please share these
    photos. It will serve as my guide when I do this replacement. I
    appreciate your immediate response. Thanks a lot.
    Boboy, Dec 9, 2004
  3. Hand

    motsco_ _ Guest


    That piece of plastic was just left in to keep the dash strong while
    being inserted on the day of assembly. . . . (by a robot?) You can cut
    it away because it's not performing any function now that the dash is

    'Hand's' description can be printed and is easy to follow. NAPA has the
    filters available. Don't waste your time trying to clean the old
    filters. Just put in new one(s) and clean the old one(s)later, for your
    next change. Once you've done the procedure, you'll ask yourself why
    thousands pay Honda dealerships to do the same task.

    You didn't mention which version / year of the Odyssey you have . . are
    you sure you have a cabin filter?

    motsco_ _, Dec 9, 2004
  4. Hand

    Woody Guest

    Look at the forum. There are lots of instructions and tips
    to replace it....
    Woody, Dec 9, 2004
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