Honda Fit. Too expensive?

Discussion in 'Fit' started by pars, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. pars

    pars Guest

    I was over at one of the Honda dealership in Toronto and was seriously
    contenplating getting the 07 Fit. I figured that I could trade-in my
    old 98 Hatch and drop an additional $16,000 and if I'm lucky, land
    myself a Manual LX. The Dealer had a Black Sport that hadn't moved in
    about a month and had 400km on the odometer (from test drives). Since
    the Sport model wasn't moving, I decided to make a try for it. I was
    willing to go up to $18k plus my 98 Civic Hatch for the more expensive
    Sport model. I guess my pipe dream was just that. The sales guy
    wouldn't budge under $23,000 dollars and didn't want my 98 Hatch as a
    trade-in (which is odd, since it's a big hit with the tuner fans, even
    with the high mileage). $23K Canadian,at current exchange rate, works
    out to $20.6K USD.

    Oh well, there's hope in the horizon. Hopefully the Mexican will get
    their act together (but I wouldn't bet on it) and the 07 Versa (which
    will be release next month) won't be as problem prone as all the other
    Mexican built cars. Cause, 23K for an entry level car at Honda is plain
    ridiculous (and the bigger wheels and some added moldings doesn't
    justify the extreme price).

    pars, Jun 15, 2006
  2. pars

    SoCalMike Guest

    a few tips:

    sell the civic hatch yourself. ive had 2 salesmen tell me this, one of
    whom took my phone number because he had a few friends that might be
    interested. bluebook on a CX is ridiculously low. laughably low. and ive
    seen em on dealer lots for double that, after a wax job and a good
    cleaning. $7500 for a CX with over 100k miles. mines got 52k, bone
    stock, aside from window tint.

    im probably going to ebay it with the KBB tradein value as the reserve
    price. most of the other honda products ive seen on there are high
    mileage and/or salvage title, and they STILL get decent prices for them.
    ive got pics, ive got documentation, ive got a lil movie up on youtube
    waiting to be linked. i just need to do it.

    but i HATE selling vehicles.

    if you have costco , sams, AAA (or equivalent), go through them and see
    what price youre quoted for a honda fit. its usally fixed, with no
    jerking around. on most cars its somewhere between invoice and MSRP,
    depending on model. at least then youll know.

    i looked at the fit, and i liked it. didnt LOVE it, just liked it. the
    stylings clean, and the "magic seat" is really cool. but in order to get
    the stuff that comes standard with a scion xA (15" wheels, MP3 capable
    stereo/CD) you have to get a fit "sport" which isnt mechanically
    different at all. some "sport".

    both have a 1.5l engine, power mirrors/windows/locks/AC/PS, 4 doors,
    hatch. but i think honda was 3 years late to the game, and they STILL
    want a premium for their product, depending on how sleazy the dealer is.

    the scion? sticker price is what you pay. no more, no less. and the cars
    arent loaded up with bogus paint protectant/scotchgard/mudflaps.
    SoCalMike, Jun 15, 2006
  3. The current Sentra is built in Mexico, and it has not been as reliable as
    previous versions.
    High Tech Misfit, Jun 15, 2006
  4. pars

    pars Guest

    Yeh, the Salesman also said I'd be better off selling the old Hatch
    myself. Cleaning it up is going to take some doing, with all the
    scratches on the bumper and the worn out carpet and driver seat. It
    smarted when the sales guy only offered me 2k (if at all) for my 98
    Hatch. Especially when after the test drive, in the sports areana, my
    old 98 Civic Hatch would have drove circles around the new Fit Sport. I
    think I'll hold on to my old car for another year and see what else
    comes up, or until Honda offers a better price for a well equipped 07
    Fit. Or at least, not expect the costumer to acutally pay for the GST
    or the $1600 in delivery expenses.

    The Fit is a very likeable car and I'm sold on the cargo capacity. It
    could have been my imagination, but the manual shifter on the Sports
    model felt more heafty/meaty then the manual on the lower equipped LX
    Model (Perhaps it was just the bigger shift knob but it definitly felt
    nicer). But at 23K, I'm sure I can find something nicer for less or
    drop in an additional 4K and get something like the Nissan X-Trail
    (which isn't offered in the States but is a class leading vehicle in
    other parts of the world)

    pars, Jun 15, 2006
  5. pars

    Sid Guest

    You are right, that is too expensive. Don't be a sucker
    Sid, Jun 22, 2006
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