HONDA FIT 2008 ...upgrading to Alloy 15 inch, 100 x 4 bolt, 55 offset wheels

Discussion in 'Fit' started by ME, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. ME

    ME Guest

    I suggest reading up on WIKIPEDIA about Tire codes ...

    The ones for the SPORTS are rated to H - 210 km/hr , meaning 210 km
    is the max speed.

    The ones on the DX and LX, are 14 inch steel, with 175 65R 15 inch
    tires whereas the Sports which is $5k more expensive as a dealer
    model, with ac, power locks and mirrors, etc. has P195 55 r15 tires
    ....rated 84H.

    The pattern on both is 4 x 100 bolts, but .. the difficult part is the
    55 cm offset.

    I suggest reading this here:

    Also, some hints are or for purchasing.

    I think some good examples are perhaps the Kumho tires
    and the Enkei wheels or the FAST brands, for example.

    There are many others ... if you proceed outside of the dealer, the
    bolts are included and the mounting, so you remove 60% of the price
    margin overhead that otherwise the dealer would charge you for the
    same thing.
    ME, Apr 24, 2008
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