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Discussion in 'CR-V' started by algomedic, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. algomedic

    algomedic Guest

    Hi, we just bought a 1998 CRV (128,000 km) and took it to the dealer
    for a checkup - they mentioned that Honda reccommends changing the
    timing belt (based on its age). My question is... is there enough
    clearence between the valves and piston that if the belt breaks, it
    won't damage the engine beyond repair??? thanks...
    algomedic, Mar 4, 2006
  2. algomedic

    Elle Guest

    No, this CRV is an interference engine. If the TB fails, the
    valves may very well be damaged. Do not gamble on this.
    Either find out when the TB was last changed and post back,
    or just do the change and consider it an investment.

    See the following for documentation on the TB interval for
    your CRV:

    Did you obtain an owner's manual with this CRV? It has a
    guide for when things like the TB need maintenance.
    Elle, Mar 4, 2006
  3. In addition, a recent thread on the Subaru forum underscores the wisdom of
    replacing the water pump and idler/tensioner at the same time. The OP in
    that thread suffered a water pump failure that destroyed his nearly new
    timing belt (and the engine, of course). Another regular told of his Toyota
    that suffered timing belt failure 4000 km after the belt had been changed
    because the tensioner seized. I know some people insist that replacing those
    parts on suspicion is a waste of money, but what a heartbreaker it is!

    Michael Pardee, Mar 4, 2006
  4. ----------------------

    The 1998 CR-V manual has at least two big mistakes in the maintenance
    schedule. Both the valve adjustment and the replacement of the Dual Pump
    Fluid (rear differential) should be done every 30,000 miles.(but get a
    manual anyway, saves typing)

    'Curly Q. Links', Mar 4, 2006
  5. algomedic

    Elle Guest

    I thought everyone--dealers, people here, independent
    shops--agreed that doing the water pump simultaneous to the
    TB was a good idea.

    I think there's less agreement on the tensioner.
    Elle, Mar 4, 2006
  6. I was still uncertain about the tensioner for the same reason the objectors
    cited: it is smooth and rides on the back of the belt. But since the sad
    tale was from one of the valuable contributors in the Subaru forum I'm going
    to pay attention. If only the things were more reasonably priced. :-(

    Michael Pardee, Mar 4, 2006
  7. algomedic

    twfsa Guest

    How many miles in the real world is 128,000km?

    twfsa, Mar 4, 2006
  8. Multiply by 0.621 to get miles. In this case, about 79,500 miles.
    High Tech Misfit, Mar 4, 2006
  9. algomedic

    Skyhawk Guest

    NO clearance $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!
    Skyhawk, Mar 5, 2006
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