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Discussion in 'CR-V' started by ¤jº~¥Á±Ú, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. I am in the buying of a Honda CRV, I like the idea that it is a mini
    SUV, but not eats gas as a SUV.

    Need someone who already own CRV give me some opinion about this car,
    including areas like, reliability, gas consumption, functionality,
    price, etc.
    ¤jº~¥Á±Ú, Oct 29, 2006
  2. ¤jº~¥Á±Ú

    D.D. Pallmer Guest

    I am your man! I'll tell you ALL about it!

    Two years ago, I bot a 2005 CR-V Special Edition (top o' the line) to have
    as a 3rd family vehicle that my then 15 year old daughter would, shortly,
    drive primarily. My thinking was that eventually I'd give her that car as a
    junior or senior in college. My wife drives a Mercury Mountaineer (Explorer)
    and I drive a luxury car. So the CR-V also serves as my "daily runner" when
    I don't want my "good" car out.
    Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner were also on my list but I asked myself this one
    question: Which vehicle, in 5,6 7 years from now, will will have the best
    odds against generating "Dad, my car is making this noise/dummy light is
    on/won't run/the dealer says needs a $2000 repair". While I knew intuitively
    that Honda was the answer, a timely article said that an 8 year old Honda
    had fewer defects than a 3 year old Ford. Case closed.

    Well, the 2005 was a great vehicle. Got 20MPG in Pittsburgh hills, versus 13
    on the Mountaineer. I felt that if I was going to feed a 3rd vehicle, I
    wanted AWD...this is PITTSBURGH. But I did not want another piggie like the
    Mountaineer. Yet I still wanted something big(ish) and safe enough so that
    when my affluent suburban neighbor's SUBURBAN/ESCALADE run into my CR-V, we
    would stand a chance. The side curtain air bags and stability control give
    me SOME confidence in this respect. I certainly would NOT put myself or my
    kid into anything smaller, at least not as long as the Jones are driving
    Suburbans and Hummers.

    Well, I took the CR-V in for an oil change and saw the 2007 model. One thing
    led to another and I traded. (Honda resale value on the old vehicle, by the
    way, was the deal-clenching factor....our Mountaineer was worth about half
    in just 2 years...the 2005 CR-V was worth MUCH more. If you keep them
    forever as per my original plan, it doesn't matter but if you are a 2-4 year
    holder than resale actually makes the higher upfront priced Honda/Toyota
    cheaper to own for that period than the competition that depreciates much

    The 2007 rides like a "real car". The 2005 was OK, but you could feel the
    bumps like a "small car". For $26,000 (top 'o the line EX-L) you get about
    85% of a Lexus ES330 for only 60% of the cost. Honda's got a MAJOR winner
    here. The current plan is, again, for my kid to get this vehicle in a few
    years OR my wife might take it over when my daughter goes to college and our
    Mountaineer will be 6-7 years old and we'll get our daughter something else
    (or another CR-V) when the time comes. My point is that the 2005 was not
    "good enough" to be my wife's "primary" was a great "3rd
    vehicle". But the 2007 reaches "primary vehicle status". The ride is SO much
    improved. Same great gas mileage too.

    Did I answer your question?
    D.D. Pallmer, Oct 30, 2006
  3. ¤jº~¥Á±Ú

    davidT Guest

    Thank you very much for your extremely detailed review of the Honda CR-V,
    DD. It certainly helped other people, like me, to get an insight of this
    car. Many thanks for your precious time!

    davidT, Nov 7, 2006
  4. ¤jº~¥Á±Ú

    D.D. Pallmer Guest

    Happy to opine! I hope you get one and enjoy it as much as we like ours!
    D.D. Pallmer, Nov 7, 2006
  5. ¤jº~¥Á±Ú

    Bobby Guest

    Thanks a lot DD for the review. For 2007 CRV, there are not many
    reviews out there. I've just test driven the CRV (but not on the
    freeway). It looked OK to me. But I'd also like to have a look at
    Toyota Matrix as it has great reviews for 2006 model and no big changes
    in 2007 model (unlike Honda CRV).

    Obviously you own Honda and you must have driven it a lot. But did you
    drive Matrix too? If yes, can you tell the difference please?

    Reviews say Mairix has only one problem, that it makes lot of noise
    when driving arround 75 to 80 miles/hr. I didn't drive CRV that fast,
    so I couldn;t tell if CRV makes big sounds too. Can you shed some light
    on this too?


    Bobby, Nov 19, 2006
  6. The Matrix is not in the same class as the CR-V (it is basically a Corolla
    wagon). Toyota's competition for the CR-V is the RAV4.
    High Tech Misfit, Nov 19, 2006
  7. ¤jº~¥Á±Ú

    garray Guest

    Some good reviews on the CR-V Owners Club too.

    garray, Nov 24, 2006
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