Honda Civic Automatic Transmission

Discussion in 'Civic' started by SAC 441, May 22, 2004.

  1. SAC 441

    SAC 441 Guest

    I have owned 2 Civics within recent years and generally like them.I am
    one of those people that prefers an automatic
    transmission.However,something in a lot of vehicles particularly Honda
    Civics I find to be a disturbing trend.
    Why is it that they are manufacturing auto transmissions without an
    operator addressable first gear? I can think of a couple of situations
    where you would actually need it.One,is where you would use it for
    downhill braking on very steep hills (I live in an area that has
    one).Second gear just does not cut it very well for that purpose.Second
    situation is in passing.There have been numerous times when in a PASSING
    situation the accelerator transition to first gear (passing gear) does
    not kick in despite my best efforts.Especially as the car ages.In cars
    manufactured 10 or more years ago in such situations I just force it
    into first gear for the extra pickup in speed.I would hate to be without
    this ability in such situations so I avoid passing and grit my teeth
    when confronted by a "dawdler".(Someone who persists in driving 15 mph
    UNDER the speed limit).
    Again,what is the rationale behind this? D3 is totally useless to me as
    I never use it.This to me is a major Honda annoyance.
    SAC 441, May 22, 2004
  2. SAC 441

    jim beam Guest

    red line in 1st is about 35mph. you're talking some /really/ slow passing.

    if you're in d3 or d4, [NOT d2!], your motor is properly tuned, and the
    transmission properly adjusted, it /will/ give you first on w.o.t. [wide
    open throttle] if you're doing less than 25mph. there is no reason to
    have a user over-ride - it's more likely to cause damage than anything.

    if you're complaing that it won't drop to 1st from d2, that's because
    it's not supposed to! traction in snow or ice requires a higher gear
    start, so d2 stays in d2 and won't drop to d1.
    jim beam, May 23, 2004
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