Honda Accord Power Flutter on hitting brakes

Discussion in 'Accord' started by russzee, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. russzee

    russzee Guest


    I have an Accord 98 Auto 2.3L / 4Cyl. Just about a few days ago, i
    noticed this problem. On acceleration , and then applying my brakes a
    mini power flutter takes place while driving. As soon as i hit the
    brakes , the speedometer dial drops and comes back up and my car stereo
    stops playing and starts again. This happens for probably a second. The
    car, however drives just fine and is unaffected by this sudden power
    drop (atleast ,thats what it seems like).

    Any diagnosis / help would be greatly appreciated before i take it to
    for servicing. Just trying to make sure that i'm not taken for a ride.

    Thanks in Advance

    - Russzee
    russzee, Jan 20, 2006
  2. ------------------------------

    It sounds like you've got a loose battery cable or ground connection. It
    cranks well, or have you had to 'boost' it lately? When was the battery

    'Curly Q. Links', Jan 20, 2006
  3. russzee

    russzee Guest

    I replaced the battery with a brand new one about 2 months ago. And the
    car starts well , havent needed to boost it since the replacement.
    I wonder if its a loose connection somewhere though but i wouldnt know
    what to check.

    Also, this problem occurs randomly and not everytime.

    Thanks for your reply. Hope I can find a solution

    - Russzee
    russzee, Jan 20, 2006
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