honda accord 2001 brake pads

Discussion in 'Accord' started by curious, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. curious

    curious Guest

    I own an accord lx with about 27,000 miles
    on it (2001 model). The brake pads may
    be wearing out as I hear a faint squeal when

    I wanted to know if there are reliable chain
    stores that do a decent job at replacing these and
    offer good warranty.

    They used to give warranty on the pads for a long
    time and just charge for labor.

    Can anyone post their experiences with the chain
    shops that do these jobs or should I head over to the

    Thanks for your advice!!
    curious, Aug 17, 2004
  2. curious

    Caroline Guest

    Firestone rotated my tires for awhile as part of the original purchase package.
    At one rotation they called me and said the rear brake shoes were worn "all the
    way down." This was on my 1991 Civic LX at 112k miles, in 2000. I had them put
    in new shoes. All's fine after four years and now at 155k miles. I recently
    dis-assembled the rear brakes and took a look, too. Seems like normal wear is

    For brake pad and shoes replacement, I'd be comfortable with the chain shops.
    Maybe make sure they use high quality pads and shoes. Call and find out the
    brand name and post it here...

    I have had Firestone do work under the hood, though. This was a bad idea, if
    only because they of course don't use OEM.
    Caroline, Aug 17, 2004
  3. curious

    Nick Guest

    As may posters have said in the past as well as my own opinion is that
    you should only buy OEM pads. Sure they may be softer and not last as
    long as the ones that aftermarket places like PepBoys sell, but those
    pads will also cause more heat which will lead to warping of the
    rotors (it's a no win situation). I'd rather replace my brakes twice
    as many times than having to replace the rotors.
    If you aren't doing this yourself (I'm amazed at how many
    people are afraid to do this simple task) make sure you explicitly
    tell the dealer that you do not want your rotors resurfaced. I know a
    lot of Honda dealerships in my area that will do it without telling
    you and most times you don't need it done unless you feel a pulsing
    sensation when you are braking.

    Hope this helps,
    Nick, Aug 18, 2004
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